什麼是恒星幣 (XLM)? - 第二節

在第一部分, 我們解釋了恒星共識協定(SCP)中的法定體叢含義。在第二部分,我們會介紹SCP的聯邦投票過程和恒星的最新發展。  


Nodes within the SCP reaches consensus with the federated voting process. It consist of 3 steps: 1. Initial votin 2. Acceptance 3. Confirmation To simplify the process, let’s assume Bob needs to vote for either statement A or B. Bob starts at an uncommitted state and votes for A. When he sees a quorum vote for A then he can accept A and hold a second vote to confirm that the first vote has succeeded. In the case that Bob votes for B, he will be convinced and accept A if Bob’s v-blocking set of nodes has voted for A. A v-blocking set contains at least one node from each of Bob’s quorum slices. As a result A will be confirmed within Bob’s quorum.  


IBM World Wire平台

IBM區塊鏈上周發佈了World Wire平臺,該平臺將有助於使用恒星協定近實时結算跨境支付。金融機構可以以任何約定的穩定貨幣、央行數位貨幣或其他數位資產作為任何兩種法定貨幣之間的橋樑進行交易。 現時,雖然Stellar Lumens被用作為加密橋接器資產,但IBM也在測試Stronghold USD,這是一種在Stellar區塊鏈上運行的穩定貨幣,作為附加橋接器。與Ripple的xRapid(僅使用XRP作為過渡資產)相比,World Wire平台允許金融機構使用穩定貨幣、央行數位貨幣或其他數位資產作為任何兩種法定貨幣之間的橋樑。  

恒星分散交易所- StellarX

Launched in July 2018, the StellarX allows users to trade Stellar native tokens as well as crypto and fiat tethered tokens with XLM. All transactions are peer-to-peer on the platform with no middleman involved. There are no costs for transactions on StellarX, network fees will be refunded and Stellar’s automatic 1% APR inflation will also be returned to the users.  


恒星也在開發“恒星”網絡的閃電支付通道即時支付、减免私人交易的費用。閃電允許雙方在無需支付交易費的情况下進行即時交易。在雙方决定關閉該頻道並將其廣播給恒星網絡之前,該頻道內的交易不會涉及恒星網絡。更多資訊請關注 加密小課堂#3閃電網絡。.
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