Industry Best Practice
At Genesis Block we follow industry best practices in how we conduct business. Despite many unregulated areas in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. We parallel our practices to the banking industry. Security, safety, and legitimate business transactions are the underlying purposes for our practices.

We partnered with Chainanlysis to ensure that all the tokens we buy and sell have not been involved with any illicit activity. Each and every token for the digital currencies we trade are examined using Chainanalysis tools.

Chainanalysis is considered to be the de facto Cryptocurrency analysis tool by many. Their tools allow us to see the wallet and related addresses to a particular token. This is done by scanning thousands of social media forums and darknet sites for open source intelligence.

Additionally, Chainanalysis provides the ability to track real-world activity by following the Cryptocurrency’s flow. They trace the flow of funds through an unlimited number of “hops” and link suspicious activity to real-world entities.

KYC Form & AML Framework

KYC means “Know Your Customer” it’s a process established by banks to confirm the identity and address of their customers. We use this process to establish identities and make sure there isn’t any misuse or misappropriation being done through our services. We keep all KYC information confidential and secure.


Our KYC form is part of our Anti Money Laundering or AML framework. We follow strict due diligence and accountability guidelines for all new clients. We conduct multiple background checks and reporting requirements.


The purpose of our KYC form and AML framework is to provide safety for our existing clients and new clients alike. Despite the fact that the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space is largely unregulated at the moment. Our methodology is to follow established guidelines from banking. In order to establish trust and prepare for regulation, we must pave the way by setting our own standards. Above all else, we maintain a network of respectable clients and intend to continue this in perpetuity.