Digital Week X Genesis Block

In May 2020, Digital Week Online hosted its first successful global gathering attracting 170+ top-level speakers, 60+ professional investors, and 1,500 attendees! During this time of the Digital Week Online, Genesis Block will be participating in the event giving an exclusive talk on DeFi! We are excited to be a part of such an innovative community of entrepreneurs and innovators and being able to share our insights to the community.

Genesis Block’s Head Trader, Charles Yang, and Linear.Finace’s Co-Founder, Kevin Tai, will be giving an exclusive talk on DeFi! If you hope to learn more about DeFi from the pioneers of the industry, be sure to tune in and check it out! Below is the scheduled timeline for the talk.

Genesis Block Digital Week Topic Schedule:

 (Oct 12th, 10:30-11:00)

The Power of DeFi (15 min)

  • DeFi:涵蓋穩定幣、貸款、交易、合成資產的金融革命
  • How DeFi is revolutionizing the Crypto space
  • The key places in the DeFi space
  • DeFi pulse – how to interpret, what are the signals?


5 min Q&A (pre-submitted questions)


How to Yield Farm (15 min)

  • The ingredients of Yield Farming
  • How Yield Farming
  • The best platforms for Yield Farming
  • Case study of best Yield Farming success stories


5 min Q&A (pre-submitted questions)


The Fundamentals of Decentralized Exchanges (15 min)

  • What are the key differences between a centralized exchange and decentralized exchange?
  • Pros and cons of centralized vs decentralized exchanges
  • Why decentralized exchanges are the future of Cryptos and Finance! 


5 min Q&A (pre-submitted questions)


Of course, the benefits don’t just stop here! Participants of the Digital Week Online will be able to enjoy the EXCLUSIVE virtual networking for the entire week! With the help of the best intuitive AI-powered business matching platforms, you will be able to network with industry pioneers! 


The event will be kicked off with “The Babylon Project”, an intensive three day (9-11th October) virtual blockchain hackathon that will democratize access to global innovation! 

On October 12th, we will hold the “Global Blockchain Day” where top crypto experts will tackle topics such as DeFi, CBDC, blockchain for corporates, institutional investments and mining. 

On October 12th, we will dedicate it to Society 5.0 and Global Digital Transformation Day, hosted exclusively by CitiesABC and Dinis Guarda.

On October 14-16th, they will be broken down by region for local tech gurus, mentors, and investment community leaders to engage audiences on seven key tracks:

– Covid19 and its impact on economies

– Fintech

– Privacy & Cyber Security

– Digital Marketing

– Impact & Sustainability

– Corporate Innovation

– Gaming & Entertainment

Each track will be co-hosted by a reputable organization with deep expertise in that space. For example, the Privacy & Cyber Security track will be co-hosted by PrivacyRules ( which unites law firms and cyber security companies across 50 countries. The Corporate Innovation track will be co-hosted by Plug and Play Tech Center ( – a global leader of the corporate acceleration programs and investments. 

Keeping faithful to our core community, Digital Week Online will also host a start-up competition and pitch sessions, where budding entrepreneurs will get feedback from top-investors and experts. Given the current global pandemic, we have waived the fees to participate.

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