FM Gallery:藝術碎片與盲盒創新元素的 NFT 藝術品發行平台

The crypto art market has seen extensive progress in the past year. However, as compared to the traditional fine art market, the crypto art market is still vastly underdeveloped. The fine art market according to a report by AMMA and Artmarket was able to generate $13.3 billion. Nowadays, with the crazy $69 million sale of […]


People’s Bank of China

Representative from the People’s Bank of China (PBoC), has called Bitcoin an “investment alternative”. Li Bo, deputy governor of the Chinese central bank, also said stablecoins are feasible investments. Some believe China is softening its tone towards Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It can be a signal that it might be possible to have regulated crypto […]


Bitcoin Plunges on US Crackdown Fears

Bitcoin’s prices plunge shortly after Coinbase’s listing on a market fear about a potential U.S. Treasury crackdown.  The mania that drove crypto assets to records amid Coinbase’s long-awaited listing turned on itself on the weekend. Regarding the cause of the price crash, some pointed to power outages in China, affecting miners on the Bitcoin network.  […]

Refinable ($FINE):幣安直接投資、BSC 主要 NFT 平台

The NFT space has exploded in the past year! With Beeple’s NFT selling for a $69 million sale, various news outlets and influencers are jumping onto the NFT bandwagon. At the time of writing, the NFT space has garnered a 27 million market cap and a roughly 4.6 billion sales volume! There is no doubt […]

以太坊柏林升級 Coinbase 現網絡故障

Ethereum Berlin Coinbase

Ethereum’s latest network upgrade, Berlin, went live on 15 April, Thursday morning. However, a consensus issue appears to have disrupted a number of services that rely on a particular Ethereum software client, including exchange giant Coinbase and crypto hardware waller maker Ledger. The bug only affects the Open Ethereum software client, which supports 12% of […]

Automata 網絡:為 DeFi 項目而設的私隱保障技術

What is Automata? To answer that, let’s address the problem it solves. While the worldwide Internet market has reached tens of trillions USD, it certainly took its time. Compare this with DeFi (Decentralized Finance), which has recorded a stunning $51 billion in the sheer span of a year. Still, progress always comes with its own […]

以太坊集資平台 Gitcoin 脫離 ConsenSys 營運

Ethereum Gitcoin ConsenSys

Ethereum’s project fundraising platform Gitcoin has announced a $11.3 million funding round led by Paradigm. After the round, Gitcoin is set to spin out of Ethereum development studio ConsenSys to become more decentralized. Paradigm is the crypto venture capital fund founded by Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam and former Sequoia Capital partner Matt Huang. Other investors […]

Coinbase 上市對比特幣、加密貨幣有何影響?

Coinbase Listing Crypto Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase is going public via direct listing – a major milestone for Bitcoin and the crypto market. Coinbase is set to list its shares on mid-day on Wednesday, April 14 (US Eastern Time) on the Nasdaq, under the ticker COIN. The exchange giant gets the reference listing price at $250, with a […]

Treasureland:幣安智能鏈上 NFT 與 DeFi 融合平台

What is Treasureland? To answer that let’s talk about what the NFT landscape currently looks like. The NFT space has taken off in the past year. Several celebrities like Tom Brady, Mark Cuban, Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, and various others have joined in on the NFT craze. In February, the average price of NFT spiked […]

幣安推出 Tesla 股票代幣

Tesla Stock Token

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is venturing into the space of stock token trading, following the likes of FTX and Bittrex Global. To begin with, Binance has listed Tesla stock tokens. Users will be able to purchase as little as fractions of Tesla’s shares, with prices settled in Binance USD (BUSD). Binance Stock Tokens will enable users […]