Genesis Block 的合作夥伴

Genesis Block與志趣相投的品牌,企業和慈善機構攜手合作。 我們的宗旨是推動大眾對於比特幣的認知,為社區受益。 若您的業務與我們的企業文化並駕齊驅,請隨時與我們聯繫,發掘更多合作的空間。 

Tidal X Genesis Block

Strategic Investment

Today we are ecstatic to announce another partnership with TIDAL. TIDAL is a multi-chain open market platform that allows for programmable insurance. So the platform empowers users to create custom insurance pools for multiple assets.

Boxmining X Genesis Block

Strategic Advisor

Genesis Block is excited to announce the appointment of our Strategic Advisor, Michael Gu of Boxmining. He is one of the leading experts in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

SWL X Genesis Block

SWL Murals

We are excited to announce our newest collaboration with SWL. SWL has long been providing artists with a platform to showcase their passion for art on the streets. Genesis Block combines SWL’s passion for art with the growing love for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in Hong Kong.

WOOTRADE X Genesis Block

Digital Week X Genesis Block

MANTRA DAO X Genesis Block

Genesis Block has teamed up with MANTRA DAO to provide OM users with more trading options.

Serum ($SRM) X Genesis Block

Staking Serum ($SRM)

Genesis Block 與 Alameda Research的合作希望能提供更優質的服務。

Alameda Research X Genesis Block

Genesis Block 與 Alameda Research的合作希望能提供更優質的服務。

Genesis Block x FTX 攜手合作


FTT 於我們在香港及台灣的ATM 現正發售!

Genesis Block x 幣安 (Binance) 合作


BNB 於我們在香港及台灣的ATM 現正發售!

Bootleggers LKF & Genesis Block