Genesis Block


植根香港,Genesis Block 致力推動社區對區塊鏈的關注。



ETH: Another vulnerability has emerged causing a second delay to the Constantinople upgrade.
CRYPTOPIA: NZ exchange hacked. Alerts show ~19k ETH and ~48m CENNZ were transferred to unknown wallets on Jan 13.
BITMEX: Closing trading accounts in the US and Quebec due to (potential) regulations.
BELARUS: Startup,, launches trading platform for tokenized securities. Investors can buy a token that reflects performance of listed shares.
GIGA WATT: After declaring bankruptcy in Nov, mining co is finally shutting down. Rigs can be returned to clients if they cover the shipping costs.
BTC: A whopping 22% of blocks were mined by unknown miners in Dec. Indicates less centralization.
ETC: New dev team will spend 1Q looking into Constantinople before finalizing the next improvement proposal.

BAKKT: Acquisition of an independent futures commission merchant to enhance risk mgmt and treasury operations. The platform has been on hold as CFTC is still reviewing.
BITTREX: Launches OTC desk that will support ~200 cryptocurrencies. Min ticket size $250k.
BITMAIN: Cost cutting continues as co downsizes its Netherlands operations.
SWITZERLAND: Third largest custody provider, Vontobel, launches a crypto custody solution for banks and asset managers.
HSBC: Settled over $250b in txs using DLT across internal balance sheets.
MALAYSIA: New regulation classifies all digital assets as securities.
DASH: Releases update 1) InstantSend by default, 2) split of masterkeys, 3) PrivateSend for lite clients.
ETC: Fees surge ~8x in last 24hrs. Experts concerned this may be a GasToken exploit.

TRON: BitTorrent Token (BTT) will be launched on the TRON network. Former BitTorrent executive claims the network will be unable to handle the high rate of txs.
TZERO: Its security tokens will be distributed to investors through broker-dealer or personal wallet with 2fa.
RUSSIA: Parliament giving high priority to legislation of digital assets. >20 bills to be discussed in Spring.
GOOGLE: Advertising platform reportedly no longer accepting content mentioning 『Ethereum』.
SAMOURAI: Stealth mode, SIM-switch defense, and remote SMS commands have been removed to comply with Google Play policies.
ROBINHOOD: Starts recruiting for UK expansion.
BITMAIN: Suspends mining operations in Texas. Downsizing to 5 employees.
TRON: dApp competition prize money slashed last minute. Appears nobody won the #1 prize of $200k.
BLOCKFOLIO: Cuts 10% of employees; sidelines incubator program.


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