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IBM: Launches blockchain based payments network using the Stellar protocol. Six intl banks intend to issue stablecoins.
CANADA: Regulator proposes temporary ban on short selling + margin trading.
2GETHER: Launches prepaid Visa card that supports payments in seven different cryptos. Usable in Eurozone nations.
CITI: Scraps idea to launch its own cryptocurrency. Will leverage existing ecosystems for faster implementation.
BITHUMB: Planning staff cuts up to 50%.
NANO S: Receives security certificate from France’s cybersecurity agency.
XRP: Analysis shows Twitter’s XRP army is a bunch of bots.

BITTREX: Canceled the RAID IEO due to false information regarding a strategic partnership with data analytics co, OP.GG.
BTC: Daily trading volume exceeded $11 billion last Friday, the most observed since April 25 of last year.
COINBASE: New fee structure to promote liquidity.
RIOTX: Biotech co pivots to launch regulated crypto exchange.
MT GOX: CEO sentenced to 2.5 yrs for manipulating exchange data. No charges of embezzlement.
AXA: Launches insurance product for crowdfunding/STOs.
NEVADA: Virtual currency bill being criticized as premature. No consultation from actual crypto/blockchain businesses.
ITBIT: Introduces 3bp maker rebates for BTC trades. Introduced ETH rebates last month.

TETHER: New T&C reveals the 『stablecoin』 is actually backed by not just cash but other assets and receivables.
CBOE: Will stop offering any new XBT futures for March. CME has been taking most of the volume.
BITFURY: Partners with HadePay to bring lightning payments to merchants in US, Canada and EU.
CARBON: To create privacy stablecoin on Ethereum with AZTEC protocol.
DAI: Continues to trade below $1. Another hike being discussed.
QUIONE: Loses case to B2C2 for reversing trades. Damages TBC.
DX: Allows cos to list previously issued security tokens. IIs in Europe can trade using fiat or crypto.
BUGS: White hat hackers find over 40 bugs across blockchain platforms in 30 days. Omise and EOS lead the list.


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