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LIBRA: Following PayPal, more firms are stepping away from the association; Visa, Mastercard, eBay, etc.
TON: SEC files emergency action to stop distribution of Grams to US purchasers.
ETH: CFTC chair believes ETH is a commodity and expects derivs to trade soon in the US.
MKR: Coinbase Custody will now support direct governance participation.
B2C2: Launches new deriv to trade gold against BTC.
XRP: Makes $750k investment in BRD wallet.
BSTX: Seeks SEC approval to launch mkt for publicly traded security tokens. Part-owned by tZero.

DEVCON: Lubin admits ETH1 was not built for mass adoption and currently there’s no plan in place to support migration of tokens and contracts to ETH2.
BITWISE: SEC denies ETF application. Believes 『real』 BTC mkt cannot be isolated from fraud/manipulation.
BITMAIN: Announces two new rigs, S17+ and T17+.
BINANCE: Enters P2P space to support RMB via WeChat and Alipay.
GRAYSCALE: Raises $85m in 2Q; majority from instos. Additional +ve is ~25% of new money went into altcoin trusts.
IRS: New guidance clarifies coins acquired from hard forks and airdrops are taxable.
MAKERDAO: To launch multi-collateral Dai system in Nov.
LIBRA: Thirty blockchain cos and nonprofit orgs plan to fork Libra to build a permissionless network. OpenLibra will be pegged to the actual Libra.
ANCHORAGE: Becomes first entity to offer institutional custody of GRM (Telegram).

PAYPAL: Co officially leaves LIbra Association.
VANGUARD: Testing P2P FX trading platform. Would remove the need for an investment bank.
HK: SFC releases requirements for crypto fund managers.
BITFINEX: Facing class action lawsuit for allegedly manipulating crypto markets.
BITGO: To support staking for DASH and ALGO. Return will range from 7~13% p.a.
CHAINALYSIS: Adding support for more ERC20 tokens such as MKR, DAI, ZRX, OMG and BAT.
STONE RIDGE: Files prospectus with SEC for new fund. Will invest only in cash-settled BTC futures regulated by the CFTC (as well as cash + low-risk securities).
SEGWIT: Share of segwit txs hit 55% in Sep.
INFURA: Acquired by ConsenSys.
COINBASE PRO: Hiking fees for low volume accounts (as high as 50bps).
DAPPS: 3Q tx volume down 40% q-q. Those on EOS showed higher user retention @ 40%. DeFi new users on the rise.


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