What is Xcad Network?

Social media companies rely on creators to keep people returning to their platforms. But between the suppressive algorithms, false copyright claims, and demonetization, creators get the short-end of the stick often.

It’s why creators place an emphasis on boosting revenue by starting a Patreon, selling merch, or offering courses. However, developing a new stream of income is resource-intensive and detracts from their main purpose: creating! Xcad Network aims to not only help creators earn what they deserve from their content, but also reward their watchers in the process with okens, exclusive NFTs and more. Xcad Network is reminiscent of popular crypto platform Chiliz ($CHZ). Which enables sports fans to use “fan tokens” to express their devotion and interact with their favorite sports teams. However, unlike Chiliz, which focuses on the sports field. Xcademy caters to all types of content creators, with a unique advantage of leveraging the massive existing YouTube network.

The Problem

With the popularity of YouTube, it’s hard to break into the scene and get views regardless of the quality of the content produced. However, once a creator has made it, it’s tough to maximize revenue without dedicating additional time and resources to external endeavors. Creators also don’t have a system to reward loyal followers, despite audience loyalty being crucial to their success.


It’s why NFTs are growing at a rapid pace. NFTs enable creators to engage with their fans in engaging ways, and lets followers purchase a piece of content unique to them. 


But purchasing an NFT comes with it’s own issues. Namely, creators lack a platform which allows the everyday fan to access NFTs in a simple & retail user friendly fashion. In short, there is demand, but nowhere to capture it. This is where Xcad Network — an NFT-powered content creation platform comes in.

The Solution

Xcad Network plans to revolutionize creator monetization by creating a tokenized economy and NFT marketplace. Xcad Network does this by providing a De-Fi solution for creator monetization through the tokenization of YouTubers.


Packed with features, XCAD  meshes social media with a user-owned stock market. Allowing creators to sell/distribute their own tokens in return for user engagement and exclusive NFTs! And enabling viewers to earn by engaging with content, trading creator tokens, or investing in DeFi instruments on the Xcademy.

How Does Xcad Network Work?

Built on the Zilliqa blockchain, Xcad enables creators to mint their own token and reward users for engaging with their content directly on YouTube. This incentivizes users to increase watch time and interact more with the creator themselves. 


In return, creators on the XCAD  platform can offer a wide variety of benefits to users holding their tokens. Such as by releasing “NFT moments packs” and enabling followers to vote on upcoming content. Furthermore, creators can sell NFTs to their audience via fiat on-ramps. So this mean followers don’t need to have a knowledge of crypto to participate in the ecosystem. Each NFT sale on Xcad Network equals passive income for the creator, as every future trade rewards them with a further commission.


Viewers on the XCAD platform who earn creator tokens can trade them and stake Content Creator Tokens in liquidity pools to earn passive income while watching content. They can discover and analyze the prospect of Content Creator Tokens on —  just like Creator tokens can also be used for connection-based services, such as purchasing merchandise, social follow-backs, video shout-outs, exclusive content and much more. Xcad Network viewers get rewarded without changing their user experience.

What Does XCAD Token Do?

XCAD has its native XCAD token to power the ecosystem. As the base currency for the XCAD platform, XCAD token offers multiple applications to enable token holders to create new monetization and interaction methods. 

  1. Staking and Liquidity Pools: Multiplying content creator rewards by staking XCAD tokens in the content creator staking pools on Xcademy platform. This also leads to the reduction of XCAD token supply and provides liquidity for the Content Creator tokens.
  2. Powering Platforms: Powering multiple platforms in the ecosystem including, NFT marketplace, and XCAD DEX. The XCAD token is the only asset that can be traded for Content Creator tokens. Also, users can trade the XCAD token to ZIL or USD.
  3. Governance: Enabling token holders to vote with XCAD tokens to decide on milestones of tokenized creators in the XCAD ecosystem. 

Learn More About Xcad Network

Leveraging the mass reach of YouTubers, content creators and influencers, Xcad Network uniquely captures the opportunity to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and the real world. Xcad Network plans to revolutionize creator monetization by creating a tokenized economy and an NFT marketplace.