Ever heard of a platform that allows for NFT farming? Well in this article, you’ll learn all about the next generation NFT infrastructure known as SuperFarm. With the continuous expansion of NFT farming and the continual advancement of open and decentralized infrastructures. There is an increasing need for value creation within the blockchain industry.

What exactly is the problem SuperFarm solves?

In the world of NFTs, there has always existed a problem with setting up NFT farming. The process has always been relatively hard to set up and also required coding. Despite the benefits NFT farming brings allowing the creation of revolutionary blockchain assets and increased demand for new farms and collectibles, the process was too tiresome. Hence, one platform aimed to solve this issue by empowering ALL users to have easy access in setting up NFT farms and creating their own collectible ecosystem without needing any knowledge for coding. If you know what Uniswap did for liquidity pools, SuperFarm will do something similar for NFT farming!

Let’s talk structure

The SuperFarm platform is designed in a way that empowers a variety of functions that will be monumental to the next era of NFTs. A few of the specific features that are on board include:

NFT Farming

On the platform, ANYONE which includes NFT Projects can easily set up Farms that are powered by the project’s token with customized rules. To open a Farm, the process is extremely simple and requires a 100,000 minimum amount of SUPER tokens.

NFT Store

Another cool feature about the platform is the NFT Store. Furthermore, the NFT Store allows you to redeem with points that you can earn from farming or even purchase select NFTs directly using crypto!

NFT Creation

And lastly, the most anticipated feature of the platform is the NFT Creation. This allows users to easily generate NFTs from an intuitive interface and also launch your own custom farm or NFT store!

With the expansion of NFT farming, it will open up the possibility for value creation and also make SuperFarm at the center for the next evolution of the blockchain industry.

So is there a token? And what are the use cases?

Superfarm has its own token known as the SUPER token. The token empowers the decentralized, cross chain SuperFarm network. The SUPER token has various utilities within the decentralized ecosystem. A few of these utilities include:


On the SuperFarm platform, SUPER holders will have the opportunity to vote on proposals and make amendments on the Superfarm platform. The platform will eventually be able to achieve full decentralization and also true ownership from token holders.

Fees & Purchases

For the usage of crucial features of the platform, SUPER will be required.

Staking Rewards

By staking on the SuperFarm platform, the stakers will be rewarded with platform fees. These fees will come in the form of SUPER.

NFT Farming

On SuperFarm, if you stake SUPER you will be able to earn exclusive NFT rewards in the platform’s premium partner farms.

Exclusive NFT Drops

The token holders of SUPER will have exclusive access to the rarest and most exciting NFTs by SuperFarm platform partners. 

What specific NFTs will be on the SuperFarm?

The SuperFarm platform is backed by the world’s leading NFT investors as well as the biggest crypto influencers. The platform has already made long strides with high-profile partnerships announcing in the near future.

The Superverse

Within the SuperFarm ecosystem, there is an immersive NFT-based card “autobattler” (you can think of this similar to Hearthstone Battlegrounds) known as SUPERVERSE. The SUPERVERSE will include EXCLUSIVE NFT drops ranging from a variety of the platform’s partners in the ecosystem. And in order to have access to the SUPERVERSE NFT release, the users have to hold a required quantity of SUPER tokens.

Partnerships with Video Games

SuperFarm will partner with the most disruptive, next generation of blockchain gaming projects to then release NFTs with utility. The combination of DeFi mechanisms with true, native blockchain gaming will be revolutionary for the space. The SUPER holders will also have exclusive access to NFTs within these games.

So what types of people will use SuperFarm?

The SuperFarm platform allows any token community to leverage the power of NFT farming to drive community engagement and token demand. This method is extremely valuable and useful as many tokens lack utility. By providing an intuitive and code-free setup to launch an NFT farm, it will lower the barriers and also allow ANY coin to enjoy a new and flexible staking model.

So where can you buy the SUPER token?

The SUPER token is available on Uniswap.

How much SUPER would I need to set up a farm?

In order to set up a farm, it requires a minimum of 100,000 SUPER tokens. The main reason for this requirement is to prevent the possibility of spams, increase quality of farms, and also drive constant demand for SUPER!

A few Partners and Investors

SuperFarm has already gained recognition from a few well respected and high-profile investors which include Animoca Brands, Bitcoin.com and Matic. These partnerships and investors help to show the potential that SuperFarm has.


All in all, the SuperFarm platform serves as a perfect stepping stone for the continual development of the NFT and crypto ecosystem. So it will definitely be a platform to be on the lookout for with the continual development of the crypto space and the growing appreciation for NFTs. If you would like to learn more about NFTs, feel free to check out our article on NFTs.


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