What is Sator?

Sator is a blockchain-powered TV engagement platform to disrupt the typical TV paradigm. It incentivizes users with cryptocurrency and NFT rewards directly tied to watching TV. Moreover, Sator is creating the next-gen digital economy empowering TV viewers, creators, advertisers and content distributors to benefit, contribute and thrive.

“What’s your superpower? I watch TV to get rich.” #Sator

Sator is enabling a revolutionary transformation on the global TV space as Twitch has on gaming. It is also a unique supplement to streaming platforms (e.g. Netflix) to optimize marketing and enhance audience experience with gamification rewards. 


Sator’s vision is to create the most fun and inclusive community around a shared passion: creating value for the wider TV ecosystem participants. 

Targeting Challenges

Invented about 100 years ago, television remains the most effective mass medium in raising people’s awareness and keeping audiences entertained to retain their interest. For now, more than 500 new TV series premiere every year in the United States, with many more outside the US competing for eyeballs worldwide. 


Television networks and streaming platforms are offering infinite choice for global viewers. In the current state of broadcast/streaming wars, TV content producers and distributors need a new competitive edge to provide true value with their content to every customer. 


This is where Sator comes in – creating personalized social experiences, offering tangible, financial value, as well as driving awareness, retention and revenues for every TV series. Through the power of decentralization, Sator is to directly grow viewership of series by rewarding both viewers and content creators. 

Sator’s Major Features

Sator is a decentralized platform powering global participation in the mainstream television industry. 


In the traditional television paradigm, viewers generate the value of a TV show, yet only centralized entities receive the payout i.e. advertisements, subscription fees, and others. 


Sator disrupts the traditional television model, allowing for payouts to be distributed back to viewers. So it entwines the global view communities in the value they create, covering content production, advertising, viewer engagement, broadcast and streaming marketplaces. 

Free, User-Friendly Access

Expand onto global viewers’ second screens with Sator’s user-friendly mobile App

Gamification Rewards

Incentivize users with rankings, badges, status and NFTs directly tied to TV viewing

Social Engagement

Bring viewers closer to their favorite TV shows in a Twitch-like social experience to TV.

Privacy-Focused Protection

Secure users’ interactions and rewards with ZK proofs, IPFS, and original Sator smart contracts.

New Revenue/Viewership Engine

Grow viewership and retention of series, improve advertising engagement while decreasing ads cost.

By and large Sator is an innovative blockchain solution for broadcast television. By delivering a multi-purpose platform in a peer-to-peer fashion, Sator unites the interests of everyone involved in the creation, distribution and consumption of series television. It is designed to drive audience growth and retention while expanding advertiser reach into new verticals and experiences.

How Sator Works

Sator provides a user-friendly platform enabling communities to participate and trade content-related digital assets. So you can start your journey with Sator with 3 simple steps:

1. Download Sator App

Within seconds you can be signed up and browsing their content.

2. Watch, and Participate on the Sator Shows

Sator App opens the Twitch-like commentary thread as the episode begins playing.

3. Earn Rewards

Earn series-specific NFTs and Sator tokens by simply watching, playing games and quizzes.

Technical Description

Sator is delivering the blockchain-powered TV network platform, where anyone can participate with the show’s narrative, characters and community in a secure, peer-to-peer design with multiple technical advantages.

Cross-Chain Interoperability on Solana & Ethereum

Sator will launch a decentralized application (dApp) built on Ethereum (ERC-20) with a cross-chain bridge to the Solana blockchain (SPL). Sator will implement the bidirectional token bridge between Ethereum and Solana to access the superior liquidity of the Ethereum ecosystem, while utilizing Solana’s scalability solution, benefiting from the strengths of both chains.


Additionally, the cross-chain interoperability design opens up the potential opportunities for more advanced functionalities, such as DeFi-based incentives and tools for the Sator ecosystem.

High-speed Performance & Low Fees

Currently, typical popular TV series can average ten million viewers or more at a single time. With multiple series activating on the platform at once, Sator building with Solana (SOL) ensures the scalability necessary for television viewership. Key technical advantages of this are high block speeds, low gas fees and the ability for Sator to scale to billions of users and devices around the world. 


Sator is capable of reaching mainstream scale while allowing its SAO tokens to also be easily traded. So in the first stage deployment, they will enable the micropayment function in Sator’s native SAO tokens with the Sator Micropayments Ledger.

Secure Network & Privacy Protection

Sator designs multiple technical measures in order to enhance both user privacy and experience. Specifically, they implement Zero Knowledge (ZK) Proofs, IPFS, and original smart contracts developed by Sator, to allow viewers to securely and easily unlock rewards. 


Rewards payments will occur in a similar way to mining rewards —only with Proof-of-Attention as the relevant metric for the economies in their ecosystem. Sator is specifically built to allow for unique utilization by third parties e.g. advertisers, sponsors, in a high-level user privacy and security system. 

Sator’s SAO Token

SAO Token is the cryptocurrency powering the healthy development and growth of the Sator ecosystem. Sator’s native SAO tokens will be operating on Solana and Ethereum, with technical advantages such as low network fees and fast transactions.

Medium of Exchange

SAO is a medium-of-exchange token that can be used for transactions on the SATOR platform. They are used to buy, gift, create, and display TV series-based NFTs. SAO tokens can also be the exchange medium for any party interested in trading series-related assets on the platform.

Rewards for Watching & Engagement

Viewers receive SAO token rewards for their viewership and engagement activities to the Sator ecosystem. So they can gain token rewards by scanning in-episode QR codes, trivia, easter eggs, etc.

Exclusive Access

SAO token holders gain additional rewards such as merchandise discounts and access to TV series content. Such as exclusives, alternative endings, bonus episodes, behind-the-scenes. In addition to interacting with TV talents.


TV series creators and distributors stake SAO tokens to customize unique audience engagement opportunities and specific reward mechanisms. Users can lock up SAO tokens to trigger various incentives such as NFTs and token reward multipliers —The higher the amount of SAO the viewer stakes, the higher the multiplier rate they receive.


SAO holders can participate in the platform’s governance according to their stake and the distribution of SAO rewards. So by holding SAO, they are eligible to utilize or delegate votes to propose improvements to the Sator protocol, make changes to transaction fees or changes to how fees are distributed.

Multi-Chain Support

With Sator’s bidirectional, cross-chain token bridge, SAO tokens will be operating on both the Solana and Ethereum blockchain. You can store SAO tokens directly in any Ethereum wallet, plus bridged to SPL token standards.

SAO Token Supply & Distribution

Total Token Supply: 500,000,000 SAO

Technical Progress & Roadmap

As Sator moves to a fully distributed network, other developers will use Sator’s free and open-source technology and infrastructure to develop their innovative use cases for SAO tokens.


Sator positions itself as the #1 driver and the most common use case for mainstream blockchain adoption worldwide. So it revolutionizes TV viewership with blockchain technology and turns TV series into the next-gen digital economies. Sator also serves as a distinct advantage for TV creators, distributors and advertisers in the ultra-competitive network television space. 


Moving forward, Sator will continue to become the foundational platform to all television series looking to leverage new technology in an increasingly on-demand future.



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