What is Refinable?

The NFT space has exploded in the past year! With Beeple’s NFT selling for a $69 million sale, various news outlets and influencers are jumping onto the NFT bandwagon. At the time of writing, the NFT space has garnered a 27 million market cap and a roughly 4.6 billion sales volume! There is no doubt that the space is still growing and has a lot of potential. So various entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban have voiced their support for NFTs and have even suggested that the technology will transform the current art landscape.

NFTs represent a very unique asset ownership system, making it an attractive medium for online transactions. The NFT space also faces several issues regarding high network gas fees, limited support for commercial and licensed content, centralized exchanges creating content and onboarding issues, and high commission fees for creators. All these issues make it difficult for creators and traders to participate in the space.  

The Solution

In order to solve the existing issues in the NFT space, Refinable was brought to life. Refinable is an NFT marketplace that will allow users to create, discover, trade and leverage any digital content on the blockchain. The platform is decentralized and non-custodial allowing any user or brand to explore, experiment and monetize their NFT content! So these goods can be anything from collectibles, game items, digital artwork, unique files, domains, event tickets, lottery tickets, and many more. Refinable is looking to disrupt the current industry by providing a much more reliable way of transaction that will be applicable to any transacting community. Furthermore the team aims to create the most trusted and reliable retail marketplace for limited digital goods!   

Why Refinable?

Built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Refinable will unlock the immense potential of NFTs for everyone through creating, discovering, and trading. Refinable is also the first hub built on BSC, users will be able to utilize BSC’s state of the art technology to further leverage NFTs. A few advantages of Refinable NFT marketplace include:

  • Scarce by Design
  • Customized Distributions
  • Content Agonistic
  • Decentralized Trade
  • Community Governance
  • High Performance, Very low Fees

Not to mention, the platform is also invested by Mr. Beast and Binance!!

Refinable Mr. Beast & Binance

All these differences make Refinable the go-to platform for buying/selling NFTs. Even if users are just looking for thrills, Refinable users can have various unparalleled options compared to other NFT platforms on how they wish to interact with their rare digital goods.

Diving deeper into the features

The Refinable Platform is focused on providing Creation, Discovery, and Trade/Distribution of NFTs. That is why the platform has a wide selection of features for users to best maximize their transactions through innovative and new features onboard. The platform is also looking to provide more than just ownership of NFTs. So the team will allow users to extract additional value from NFTs. Let’s talk a little about how you can maximize your use of Refinable: 

Empowering Creation

Refinable NFTs will support both ERC721 and 1155 standards. So all creators will have access to a suite of NFT mining features that can cater to any distribution intentions.

Expand Discovery

Discovery will allow users to find NFTs on the marketplace. Furthermore the entire process would be frictionless, intuitive, and a fun process for the community!

Facilitating Trading

After creating or discovering the NFT of their dreams, the users can transact securely using the Refinable platform. In addition traders will have access to a plethora of trading tools and a wide variety of options to maximize the trade and minimize headaches.

Commission Rates

Refinable users can enjoy low commission rates for all their NFT transactions- these rates are even lower for verified token holders!

Further Leverage

NFT has immense potential and the team at Refinable realizes that. That is why the team aims to develop both internally as well as partner with existing community projects to create further value. So Refinable is looking to create an ecosystem looking to unlock worldly benefits for all NFT holders. 

BSC Community

As a part of the growing BSC community, Refinable will be joining a certified project that has various established products and applications. The BSC platform also has limited fee exposure and ultra-fast performance, allowing Refinable to best maximize its performance.

The FINE Token

Having talked about the features, let’s dig a little deeper into the FINE tokens. Refinable will be governed and supported by the native and fungible FINE tokens. The token will be used as both a utility and governance token. So with the FINE token, the users can enjoy a wide variety of benefits from just holding a verified amount of FINE tokens. A few benefits that users can get include:

  • Settle and Fund Transactions
  • Priority Listings and Discovery
  • Increased Minting Limits and TX Limits
  • Discounted Platform Commission
  • Access to Exclusive Sales
  • Community Moderation and Voting


Users can also earn FINE tokens through their bi-weekly contribution on the platform. The creators and traders that contribute the most to the platform will be allotted an amount of FINE tokens every two weeks. There will be a fixed cap on how much FINE is awarded to each user per batch in order to ensure a wider distribution of tokens within the community. There is also a Treasury Fund and Reserve in place. So the Treasury Fund will be in charge of funding all the development activities including feature developments, marketing bounties, cross-application integrations, affiliate incentives, and many more. Furthermore the Reserve will serve as an emergency token pool and will be released upon approval by FINE stakeholders through the platform’s governance mechanism. v

Future Roadmap

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