What is Rage.Fan?

What is Rage.Fan? Have you ever wondered if fantasy sports and quizzing can one day arrive on blockchain platforms? Well today is the day where sports fans can utilize their skills and knowledge to earn rewards and all be connected on the blockchain!

The Next Revolutionary Fantasy Sports + Blockchain Platform...Rage.Fan!

With the help of blockchain technology, Rage.Fan is able to create a permissionless, decentralized, and transparent gaming platform for all sports fans. The Rage.Fan platform is built on Smart Chain which is one of the most efficient and scalable chains out there. Moreover the aim of building on Smart Chain was to focus on mobile and ensure scalability, ease of use with close to zero gas fees. So one of the key reasons for Rage.Fan’s creation is to bring a mainstream, centralized platform for the first time to a completely decentralized experience. Additionally, the mobile platform will include intuitive and simple UX. So this will allow all types of users to effortlessly participate in the space.

So why Rage.Fan?

There’s a lot of other platforms out there but the ecosystem has many issues that worsen the overall user experience. A few of these issues include centralized governance, unclear transaction processing & settlements, high fees & other hidden charges, little to no voice of fans when it comes to the operation of platforms, and the overall complexity of the platforms. So all these issues hinder users from joining the platform. But don’t worry, Rage.Fan will solve them all! 

Let's talk about how Rage.Fan works?

Rage.Fan works quite simply. Users can download the app and then sign up instantly. They will then be provided with a unique wallet address. Once the users are on the platform, they will be able to see various sports available. Once a particular sport is selected, the users then can view different contests available which include different leagues, different pool entry sizes, etc. Before entering directly into the sport, the users will need to answer an entry question and will also need to pay the pool fees. Once that is complete, the users can create their match team from available options and start utilizing their skills and knowledge! *Note that all the rules for the selection as well as the point system will be available on the platform in a transparent manner. 

 In addition to this, users will also have an added opportunity to maximise their rewards by participating in several quizzing contests before, during and after the contest. So these questions will be set in the context of live or upcoming contests aimed at providing fans with greater engagement opportunities. . 

Once the game ends, the users will then be ranked on a leaderboard. The higher the user is on the leaderboard, the greater the multiplier on points for the team. The points will be calculated at the end of the match and depending on how each user performs, there will be designated rewards distributed. So the rewards pool will depend on the pool amount collected at the time of entry. Additionally all the transactions including player selection, points computations, and reward distribution will be done through smart contracts for complete transparency, efficiency, and decentralization. 

The Backbone of Rage.Fan… $RAGE:

$RAGE is the native token of Rage.Fan and comes with dual purpose of “game play” and “governance” and various other utilities which includes:

Game Currency

Use $RAGE to participate in the fantasy games on the Rage.Fan platform


Stake tokens to earn higher returns


Participate and actively contribute in the decision making process via community voting

Play Mining

The more you play, the more you earn. Simple!

Referral Mining

Then spread the word, refer others around you and earn $RAGE

Augmented Reality (AR) Token Mining

One of the most innovative utilities is the intersection between $RAGE and Augmented Reality (AR). Inspired by Pokemon Go, the fans can now earn $RAGE through several AR token mining methods.

Social Media Mining

Social media mining will incentivize social media influencers to spread the word about Rage.Fan and by doing so they can earn $RAGE

The Roadmap:

Image taken from Rage.Fan website.


Ultimately, Rage.Fan is well on its way to becoming the blockchain platform that will seamlessly connect fantasy sports and blockchain technology. The team is actively forging partnerships with other firms to further the development of Rage.Fan. If you would like to check out more about Rage.Fan, feel free to check their socials!






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