What is Playcent?

Ever heard of TikTok and its popular “remix” culture? The “remix” culture refers to users remixing existing video and audio clips. This type of culture has grown the business into billions of users. Playcent hopes to go one step further by making mini-apps, games, and memes in a remixable way. Playcent is a blockchain-based user generated content platform that is built for interactive apps and games. The remix tool will allow everyone to make interactive games, mini-apps, and mems based on various templates created by independent developers. Playcent apps are “full stack apps” that can be created in sheer minutes and then shared everywhere on the internet! Their apps will be able to do similar things like Gumroad, OnlyFans, Wix, Rarible, and Cameo.

What's the potential?

The initial focus of Playcent will be on hyper casual games and mini apps. Hyper Casual games are extremely easy to play games and they have already captured over $2 billion out of $65 billion market share in the mobile gaming sector. Furthermore most of the games take 4-12 months of development lead time and $15-150k per game for creation. So by reducing cost and development time of Hyper Casual games, Playcent will be able to gain market penetration. Apart from the Hyper Casual games, Playcent also hopes to one day create hit games and apps!

So how does Playcent work?

Playcent is currently in beta and has over 20 templates. The templates serve as the underlying web applications that will power cents. So a developer will be able to build templates for any type of web apps which include interactive games, memes, and apps. When creating a template, the developers can define which values they want to customize and also leverage the Playcent platform technology to create an easy use platform even for non-technical users.

Playcent is composed of several users which will all help contribute to the ecosystem. These include developers which will build templates that power their apps. Creators that will be both users and value providers in the ecosystem. Creators can create content and then earn token rewards through remixing. And of course, there are consumers which are users that consume the content that is created and then earn tokens from the reward pool. Last but not least, there are also advertisers who will purchase playcent tokens for promoting their content. 

What technology does Playcent use?

Playcent is built on Ethereum and runs on the Matic blockchain. The team chose to use Ethereum back in 2019 due to the sheer number of developers that built on the platform, and also the ability to build an MVP quickly. As time continued, it was clear that building a blockchain UGC Platform on Ethereum would not be the most feasible idea from a strictly scalability standpoint. The team behind Playcent has chosen the Matic Network due to the high performance as well as security of the infrastructure.

They will disclose all the data they input will be disclosed transparently due to the nature of the blockchain. All the gamers, consumers, and developers that participate in the Playcent ecosystem will be able to view the data and use it for marketing or other uses. The data stored in the blockchain will not be in large-capacity. Moreover, the data stored on the blockchain will be data related to key activities. 

What features are available onboard?

There are a few key features of their platform that makes it whole. All these features come together to make what Playcent is today. These features include:


Allows users to create interactive applications and games. Available in 2 modes which are Visual Mode and Code View. Visual Mode is for non-technical users whereas, Code View is for technical users, containing all the project code.


Will publish, host, and distribute all the apps onboard. The main framework for taking care of all the deployment, hosting and distribution of apps and games.

Rewards Engine:

A Rewards Engine that will reward users based on their activity on the platform.

NFT Marketplace:

An asset marketplace that will allow you to mint, buy, and sell digital collectibles without the need for any coding.

Cent Marketplace:

A marketplace where users will be able to trade Playcent apps.

Playcent Pay & Wallet:

The main method used for payments and storage of tokens and NFTs.

Esports SDK:

The Esports SDK will convert games to e-sports games.

Visual Controls Library:

The Visual Controls Library will allow the importing and converting of apps to Playcent templates.

You mentioned remixing... can you tell me a little more?

Remixing will allow creators to make their own apps through customization existing Playcent apps and then publishing their own versions. The developers can also port existing apps through integrating the Playcent visual controls library.

The Playcent Token

Playcent has a native token known as PCNT. PCNT is the core utility token that lives on both Matic and Ethereum chains. The token will act as a payment currency, staking token, and governance token in the system. The PCNT holders can also claim rewards if they stake their tokens, participate in key governance votes, playing games and also through user-generated content initiatives. So let’s talk what the exact use cases are:

  1. Governance, where token holders decide on important tasks regarding emissions, distribution, upvotes, control of the reserve funds, etc…
  2. In-app currency for all apps & games developed on Playcent
  3. Subscriptions, asset marketplace transactions will be charged in PCNT token
  4. Early access of games for token holders as well as other premium services
  5. Payment for advertising on Playcent
  6. Rewards for Play mining


*Note that: PCNT will not represent any shareholding, participation, right, title or interest in the Company, the Distributor, and their respective affiliates, or any other company, enterprise or undertaking, nor will PCNT entitle token holders to promises of fees, dividends, revenue, profits or investment returns, and are not intended to constitute securities in Singapore or any relevant jurisdiction.

Any rewards I should know about?

As previously mentioned, there will be rewards available on the Playcent platform. The rewards token will represent 15% of the total token supply. The main purpose of the rewards token is to attract a wider range of creators and gamers onto their ecosystem. So the platform hopes to utilize the tokens to allow more people to participate in the hunt for token rewards. Moreover, this would also give ownership and stake to the most active participants of the community.

Apart from the rewards token, Playcent also has a Rewards Engine in place. They’ll reward 16.25% of the total supply to onboard creators and gamers to their ecosystem. They will also be able to capture each and every user’s activity onboard and then send the data as a smart contract through an oracle. The reward will then be processed and sent to the user’s wallet each day. 

The Playcent Decentralized Organization

With the help of PCNT, Playcent will slowly become a fully community-owned Decentralized Organization. So this will occur as PCNT becomes more widely accepted by users.

Roadmap towards DAO

  • Version 0: Q4 2020 / Token generation event No voting possible
  • V1: First half 2021 / Staking dashboard released, PCNT holders can stake their tokens through the staking dashboard and participate in governance votes brought forward by the Playcent team.
  • V2: Early 2022 More on-chain votes about smaller issues.
  • V3: Q3- Q4 2023 / Decentralized Organization PCNT holders determine which governance framework should be used 


In Q4 2021, the Community Treasury will go live. Then the Community Treasury will receive tokens set aside for reserve and part of transaction fees on their platform.

You mentioned staking... how can I participate?

In early 2021, token holders will be able to satke their PCNT to earn rewards. Many of these rewards will help incentivise user growth and will gradually decline as Playcent reaches full maturity. *Note that stakers can also participate in governance votes when required.

The Roadmap

  • Q1 2020: Playcent development started – done
  • Q2 2020: Playcent Editor ( cloud IDE and visual interfaces development ) – done
  • Q3 2020: Playcent beta – done
  • Q4 2020: Playcent testnet token integration 
  • Q1 2021: Play to earn launch Social money blockchain infrastructure Wallet and payment gateway Staking dashboard 
  • Q2 2021: NFT marketplace beta SDK to convert apps to dapps Playcent social network integration Q3 2021 : Playcent Esports SDK Playcent iOS/Android Apps beta Q4 2021: Playcent X Esports platform beta

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