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What is Oddz?

What is Oddz? To answer that, let’s start with the problem. With the explosion of cryptocurrencies, the Decentralized Finance space has also seen tremendous growth over the past year. There has been massive demand for trading financial contracts, and the industry has seen huge rallies that involve the trading and executing of on-chain derivatives. Close to 80% of these on-chain derivative instruments are options trading. While there are a lot of platforms out there that serve the various needs of the users, there are few that provide users with a full experience. Apart from such an issue, the field also faces issues like high transaction costs, network congestion, and more which have all hindered DeFi’s true potential. 

The Solution…

So what exactly is the solution to all this? This is where Oddz comes to play. Oddz will surpass all the technical limitations within the system and provide a friendly on-chain option trading ecosystem for its users. Oddz is the world’s first On-chain option trading platform that is built on the Binance Smart chain with support for BSC, Polkadot, and various Ethereum blockchains. The platform also has an built-in oracle solution which authorizes users to create customizable trade options with various incentivizing programs.

Before we dive in... what exactly is options trading?

Options is a financial tool that is used widely in the stock market. Options are contracts that give the buyer the ability to buy or sell an underlying asset at a predetermined price at a specified date. The user is also not obligated to buy or sell the asset. So the option contract is entitled to two different parties being the buyer (the holder of the contract) and the seller (the writer of the contract).

Two of the most popular derivative options are call and put options. The buyer of the call option allows the holder to buy the stated price of an asset within a period of time. Whereas, the buyer of the puts option allows the holder to sell the asset at a stated price of an asset within a period of time. That basically sums it up for options trading. So if you would like to learn more about Options trading with Oddz, check out this article by Oddz!

Let's dive deeper…

Oddz allows the creation, maintenance, execution, and settlement of trustless option contracts, conditional token agreements, and futures contracts. All of this is done through a fast, secure, and extremely flexible manner. So let’s talk about some specific features of Oddz. 

Fraction Trading

Oddz’s technical infrastructure allows users to put in a small amount of a currency to purchase options allowing all users to experience on-chain option trading!

Binance Smart Chain

Oddz is deployed on the Binance Smart Chian, hence, the platform utilizes it as an advantage to help providers smooth trades with high latency. Moreover, the low transaction fees for complex on-chain options trading contracts will also benefit the users. 

Transparent Premium Calculation

Oddz facilitates transparent premium price calculations and will have various features in place to help users understand how the prices are calculated. 

Adequate Liquidity

The Oddz protocol will have various incentivizing schemes for liquidity providers on the platform to keep slippage costs low. Platform users can also execute big trades depending on the liquidity available for trading purposes.

Customized Option Writing

One crucial feature of the Oddz platform is the automated and customizable option premium writing which is based on the user’s input.

In-built Oddz Oracle

The nature of the derivatives market is strongly dependent on the oracle’s performance. So they will be key in fetching real-time data. The real-time data will ensure smooth trades and accuracy with trades. 

Tell me about the $ODDZ Token!

The platform users can earn $ODDZ token or even buy it on an exchange! So the native $ODDZ token’s primary utility includes staking, bonding, and governance.


By staking, the users can earn higher yields through staking and farming ODDz tokens.


Governance will allow users to have a say in future upgrades and additions to the protocol and the oracle.

Rewards for Token Curators

The rewards for token curators will incentivize token curators for the creation of economic incentives for decentralized list curation.

Referral Bonuses

By spreading the word to friends and families, it will result in big referral bonuses!

So why should you choose Oddz?

There’s many good reasons why you should choose Oddz. Firstly, the platform is a revolutionary tool that will change the current financial landscape by providing a seamless experience of on-chain option trading. There’s various incentives on the platform to incentivize and attract users to participate in the ecosystem. Moreover it will reward users for their participation as liquidity providers and referrals.

Most importantly, the platform allows trades to occur with zero gas fees. This further enhances the user’s experience and encourages trading! With that, the platform is also paired with extremely friendly prices, which further provides users with good opportunities in the market. In addition, the Oddz platform is also designed in a simple and intuitive way that allows users to easily navigate. All skill levels of users will be able to maximize the potential of the platform with Oddz. 



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