What is Lepricon?

What is Lepricon?

What is Lepricon? I’m sure many of you out there are confused by Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Not gonna lie, the wide variety of cryptos are definitely quite hard to understand even for a computer scientist. However, one platform hopes to change all this and pursue a wider acceptance for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology with the help of gaming!

So what exactly is Lepricon?

Lepricon is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). A DAO can be understood as an organization that is represented by rules set in computer code, and everything within the organization is transparent and controlled by network participants. Lepricon hopes to unlock and further realize the potential in gaming and NFTs in the blockchain by creating a platform for developers to build gamified DeFi dApps with a strong focus on user experience. 


Lepricon will focus on providing a platform for developers that allows them to conveniently and quickly launch gamified dApps to a community full of active and vibrant participants. Furthermore they have already prepared 3 dApps that will launch after the token’s public sale. 

The 3 dApps…

Now of course, one of the most exciting parts of the platform are the games! There’s 3 primary games that will be launched after Lepricon’s public sale, this includes KQJ, Bitpool, and FansPredict. 


An exciting card-based prediction game.


An intuitive yet intriguing bitcoin price prediction game.


An riveting real-world sports event prediction game.

Let’s talk about features…


One of the key features of the Lepricon platform is decentralization. As mentioned earlier, Lepricon is a decentralized autonomous organization or DAO. So this means that Lepricon runs transparently according to rules that are defined by computer code. There is no existing central executive order that can replace these rules or direct the organization via fiat. 

Community Governed

All decisions that are concerning the future activities of Lepricon will be made with the community participants. Anyone that holds the Lepricon governing token, L3P, will be able to vote according to their holdings on issues or proposals that are brought up. In addition, most of the governing power will remain with the community participants which includes liquidity providers, developers, and users. 

A Perfect Match of DeFi and Gaming

As mentioned before, the platform will contain elements of gaming with decentralized finance. The platform will launch three games during the launch of the platform. For future development, the platform will also open up towards third party developers allowing them to host their own prediction-based games on the platform. This will help build a much more significant and stable environment for Lepricon. 

User Experience

The team behind Lepricon has a strong focus on the user’s experience. They believe that technology should just work and provide necessary operating mechanisms for Lepricon. What is mose important to Lepricon is the overall experience of the product because they hope that everyone can be entertained by the good content and powerful rewards system. Therefore, the team strongly prioritizes the overall user experience of the platform. 

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

Last but not least, one of the biggest features of the platform is the NFTs. The team behind Lepricon believes that NFT can become extremely valuable commodities. They believe that NFT will be a crucial component for the connection between gaming and blockchain. Lepricon hopes to become a key role in helping develop/build that bridge between the two components. 

Now tell me, why should I use the platform?

One question is all I need. Do you like gaming? If so do you want to earn money while playing games? If that is the case then Lepricon is for you! With the seamless integration of gaming and the crypto world, Lepricon is able to provide users with a full-on gaming experience while enjoying the benefits in the crypto world! So we’ve talked briefly about NFTs above, and NFT will serve as a crucial component of the merging of gaming and blockchain worlds. The founders at Lepricon have a strong belief towards NFTS, and they believe that NFTs are extremely valuable commodities that one day will be traded on secondary markets! Isn’t that exciting? Being able to enjoy the games while also earning some extra $$$? 

The Lepricon Token

Their platform has its own token known as L3P. The L3P token allows participants of the platform to have access and vote on key features like token utility, economic parameters, and decision making for which projects to feature by Lepricon.


Participants of the platform will be able to partake in crucial community voting procedures. 


The transactions on the Lepricon platform will generate transaction fees in L3P. 


The Prediction pool creators are required to hold onto L3P tokens. 

Buyback and Make

Tokens can be bought back and recycled into consistent rewards and liquidity. So this ensures an continual incentive to capitalize the system. 

The team behind Lepricon also realizes the strong demand for the token at its launch, therefore, the team has provided various incentives to ensure users hold onto the token. These incentives come in the form of high staking rewards. And of course, to keep the incentive of the token strong, the platform will also enforce buying back of tokens. All the tokens that are bought back will be recycled back into the system. This ensures the network having a constant incentive while also ensuring a certainty for the maximum finite token supply.

So how can you be a part of the platform?

There’s a few different ways for you to participate and be a part of the long-term success of Lepricon. These ways of Mining participation include:

1. Adoption, referral, and prediction

2. Community building and expansion

3. Staking participation

Within the Lepricon community, the participants can partake in mining by adoption, referral and prediction. By simply joining in the platform, the participants can open a wallet and mine L3P tokens. The platform also allows you to invite friends to Lepricon which will also mine L3P tokens. Then by playing early on the platform, the users will be able to partake in platform predictions. Moreover, the users can also partake in mining through community building and expansion. Lastly, the users can also mine L3P by staking. If you would like to learn more about the exact amounts you can receive by mining, check out Lepricon’s whitepaper. 


As of right now, Lepricon’s roadmap is as follows:

The platform will also have cross-chain functionalities as the various phases of development continues…


And that’s all for this lesson from the Crypto Classroom, we hope that gave you a good overview of what this platform can achieve and that you will partake in the platform. So if you would like to learn more about Lepricon, be sure to follow their social! 



Lepricon Whitepaper





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