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What is LABS Group?

What is LABS Group? To answer that, let’s start with the problem they solve. For many years, investment opportunities have always been more apparent in Wall Street as opposed to everyone else. The best example of this can be seen with the recent Gamestop crisis where a group of reddit investors were able to outsmart Wall Street traders. With the continual development of technology, investment opportunities can finally be brought to the “Main Street” instead of sticking with Wall Street elites. 

However, there are few platforms out there that can bring retail investors and legitimate investment opportunities together. One sector of business that could truly strive with the help of digitalization and blockchain technology is the real estate market. So the traditional real estate market is relatively illiquid and hard to invest in. In addition the access to the real estate market is only available to the elites making it extremely difficult for normal investors to take part in the investments.

The Solution

To solve this issue, LABS Group commitment is to provide real estate investment opportunities to retail investors and give them access to borderless investments worldwide. So they require each project to go through due diligence and legal structuring all with the help of LABS experts. The LABS team consists of industry experts that will handle any given situation or investor need. The platform will be an End to End real estate tokenization ecosystem that is built to support investors, developers, and the secondary market. You can think of it simply being the ability to invest $100 USD as long as you have a viable internet connection.

What are the benefits of using LABS?

LABS is a platform built on RioDeFi with the help of Polkadot blockchain technology. The help of both of these platforms allow LABS to be a fast, multi-chain, and secure platform. Of course, we’ll have to talk about the various benefits on the platform which include:

Borderless Investment

Investors have the ability to invest and trade their tokens worldwide as the issued tokens are standardized

Immutable & Transparent

Blockchain technology will allow for the ease of reporting and data tracking that is written permanently on the blockchain making it immutable

Financial Inclusion

All investments can be made into smaller pieces making it easier to group together retail investors of all kinds of investment sizes

Secured by Blockchain

The blockchain technology will allow issuers to program their legal restrictions on the smart contracts

Liquidity Increase

The lower investment amounts can attract more investors which will inherently increase the overall liquidity of the ecosystem

Efficient Distribution

The blockchain allows for the distribution of dividends at lightning speeds

So what exactly is provided in the ecosystem?

The Labs Group has three primary businesses which are the Advisory Consultancy, the Crowdfunding platform, and finally the Security Token Exchange. So these three core businesses work together to provide users with the best real-estate investing experience.

Advisory Consultancy

  • Top of the line consultation and advisory services
  • Guidance and advisory for various projects

Crowdfunding and Issuance Platform

  • Easy access to active public deals 
  • Low barrier to entry with an easy registration process
  • Intuitive interface showing the status of funds and investments
  • Invest easily with crypto or even fiat and receive dividends 
  • Users will also be able to participate in staking to earn additional rewards 

Security Token Exchange

  • Licensed digital securities exchange where investors can sell/buy real estate asset tokens
  • Accessible with fiat and crypto
  • Transparent and secure 
  • Powered by the $LABS utility token
  • Various Initial Property Offerings (IPO) allowing the sale of property shares directly on exchanges
  • 24/7 secondary market with instant trading and settlement

The $LABS Token:

The LABS utility token also offers a “G.A.I.N.S” model that will maximize the usage of the utility token.


Enables users to vote on platform governance and investments


So holders of the LABS token will have the opportunity to access the lowest prices to real estate investments


Various incentives will be given to users to invest in real estate, incentives may include: discounts on investments and loans


The holders of the LABS token can nominate projects for the community to then invest on


The holders of the LABS token can enjoy benefits of a shared rewards pool from the overall LABS business

Tell me more about staking!

In terms of staking, the users can join a rewards pool in which 80% of the first year net profits will be sent into the staking rewards pool. The tokens will be distributed quarterly and on a daily basis directly into the staker’s wallet. So the percentage of net profits will be determined by the governance vote and the community after the first year to help determine how big the rewards pool percentage will be. The voting mechanism will follow a simple majority of greater than 50% of all the votes tallied. If you would like to learn more about staking, feel free to check out their whitepaper listed below!

Apart from the native $LABS token…

We’ve talked a lot about the $LABS token, now let’s talk about two other tokens that are available on the platform.

The USD Stable Token (USDL):

  • The total amount of Security Tokens will be collateral to issue USDL (the first real estate backed stable digital currency)
  • Pegged to the USD at 1:1
  • USDL will distribute dividends
  • USDL will reward spending at resorts with wallet integration

The Security Token (ST):

  • Backed by shares of a real estate asset in the LABS ecosystem
  • Payment proof will be integrated to the digital contract
  • Tokens issued automatically upon confirmation of contract and payment
  • The tokens are tradeable in the LABS Digital Securities Exchange
  • You can use tokens as collateral for borrowing against to further leverage your investments

So how do I keep the properties?

Ever heard of NFTs? LABS will use Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to represent physical assets. NFTs can represent basically anything from in-game assets, real-estate funds, commercialized buildings, homes, and all the way to a single room in a hotel. LABS uses NFTs because NFTs are considered rare collectibles. Therefore, each real estate asset will be representative of an NFT. Note that NFTs can also represent shares of the underlying asset and can even be a tradable security by issuing a token under the underlying NFT. And for each trade (purchase of an NFT), the specific property will also retain a percentage of the value created. So this value will come in the form of LABS or other cryptocurrency variations. Furthermore, the LABS ecosystem’s design is a way to continually create value for buyers and investors with the help of DeFi technology.

Types of NFTs in the LABS ecosystem:

  1. Properties: Single homes, or anything related to real estate including hotel rooms, etc
  2. Funds: Specific to the fund, possibly variations or discounts to access specific fund portfolios, etc

Any real life cases?

LABS has been doing business since 2019, and they have already worked with various clients. However, due to NDAs, they are unable to list the exact project name. Additionally a few of the projects that the team has already worked on are a resort in Laos, a New Zealand real estate fund, Laos Smart City, and a Thailand resort. So Blockchain and cryptocurrency investors mark a new tier of investors, and LABS makes it clear that their technology will help.

Concluding thoughts…

The LABS group is a one of a kind of a platform that will disrupt the existing real estate industry. With the help of crypto and NFTs, there is no doubt that the real estate industry will be revolutionized. So if you would like to learn more about LABS, check out their socials below:






LABS Group Roadmap


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