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What is IOI?

What is IOI? To answer that let’s start by addressing the problem. There’s plenty of exchanges out there these days that allow users to exchange cryptocurrency. However, many of these exchanges lack variety and are only marginally different from one another. Most of the exchanges follow a similar blueprint and target the same exact audience groups. As for online gaming, the platforms are manipulated against the participants. This is mainly due to the high degree of scrutiny claimed by the developers. The high degree of centralization gives the developers a large amount of power making it liable for them to abuse power due to the lack of transparency.

The Solution

To minimize the possibility of users abusing the online gaming ecosystem, we proudly introduce you to IOI. IOI is a blockchain-based crypto social trading platform. With the help of blockchain technology, it will allow more transparency and distribute power among a network of peers. On the platform, the users can trade cryptocurrencies, track their portfolio, learn valuable insights from other traders, copy the cryptocurrency trading of experienced traders (RACERS), and choose to be a FAN or a RACER. So IOI is a smart application that will be for everyday use that will combine 4 great ideas which are trading, tracking, gaming, and gambling. 

Features that you should know about…

As mentioned earlier, IOI combines the ideas of trading, track, gaming, and gambling. We will dive deep into these features and tell you how IOI maximizes the user’s experience. 


As the #1 ecosystem for gamers and traders, the IOI ecosystem is powered by DeFi and utilizes NFTs to connect cryptocurrency traders. Trading will not be boring like it used to and it will be full of excitement! Cryptocurrency traders can get in touch and learn from one another following different trader’s crypto portfolios. All this will be done through an intuitive and exciting UI.


IOI utilizes elements of gamification to provide the complex world of crypto trading an extremely fun and relatable format. The car racing game which is fueled by the performance of a coin. The race winners can also receive IOI tokens which they will be able to exchange for various features and abilities on the IOI platform in the future. 

So who should use IOI?

IOI primarily focuses on two types of people. This includes less experienced crypto traders that are interested in the business and more experienced traders who have successfully traded cryptocurrencies. IOI hopes to provide a wholesale solution for everyone that is interested in trading cryptocurrencies and wanting to learn about the business in a safe and fun environment. Furthermore, IOI is an interactive social crypto-trading platform that will utilize the elements of gaming to provide a relatable and easy-to-understand overview of cryptocurrencies and market performance.

How do I play the game?

In three simple steps, you can start playing the game!

1. Pick the car

2. Choose three cryptocurrencies and analyze

3. Then play the game and enjoy your winnings

The IOI Token

The IOI token is the primary utility token of the IOI ecosystem. The token is needed for the powering of the whole ecosystem and allows the proper functioning of the tokenomics. In addition, the team at IOI gaming has their own token running on the Matic blockchain with main features including: 

  • Deflationary multi utility gaming token
  • Utilizing Matic blockchain with low fees and some functionality still on Tron
  • No network congestion
  • Holding the token unlocks trading strategies up to 36% p.a.
  • Features with DeFi and burning functions up 3x of the new monthly supply
  • Dividend pool sharing and governance rights

The deflationary multi utility feature of the token is one of the most crucial properties that the team wants to maintain. This is because the team sees IOI as a long term game and hopes to have a stable value of the token with the appreciation trend. So there will be no interest for any pump and dump short term games. The team also added deflationary features to decrease the supply and offset adding more utility for players wanting to increase the demand. The main priority of the IOI token for users is to bring joy while users play games that they love or add some more fun to the stressful and boring event of trading. 

Token Benefits you should know about…

Since the IOI platform is a mainly gaming platform, the top utility of the IOI token will be gaming. So by having the token you can participate in various events which includes:

  • Play various IOI races
  • Purchase more cars as NFTs – to increase winning chance
  • 1,000 IOI tokens entitles you to a share of the 10% dividend pool distribution 
  • 1,000 IOT tokens enables you to get 24 % APY from trading pool paid out daily
  • 10,000 IOI tokens entitles you to get a share of the 90% dividend pool distribution  
  • 10,000 IOT tokens enables you to get 36 % APY from trading pool paid out daily 
  • Access to never lose game – gas station 
  • Holding IOI token you have also access to various games and also staking as per the table below
IOI Utility

IOI will act as the fuel for the cars and by holding the token, users can also earn other benefits.

The Affiliate Levels

Depending on how much you spend, the Racers will be able to attain higher levels as you spend money on bets on the IOI platform. 

  • 1: BEGINNER has placed bets totalling at least 499 TRX 
  • 2: ROOKIE has placed bets totalling 500 TRX to 9.999 TRX (Has to enter at least 1 paid race per week to maintain this level) 
  • 3: PRO has placed bets totalling at 10.000 TRX to 49.999 TRX (Has to enter at least 2 paid races per week to maintain this level) 
  • 4: LEGENDARY has placed bets totalling at least 50.000 TRX (Has to enter at least 3 paid races per week to maintain this level)

The Dividend Pool

Another crucial part of the platform that users probably all want to know about is dividends. Dividends will be paid out once per month. You must be an IOI holder in order to receive them. Dividends act as the public platform’s net profits and are in the currency of TRX and IOI. Users will be able to see the pool being filled in real time and see the history of dividends distribution. *Note you will need to hold 1000 IOI tokens to get 10% from the IOI pool and 10000 IOI tokens will get you 90% from the IOI pool. The two main ways that the pools get filled are the following:

The Different Types of Races and Tournaments…

There’s two different types of races and tournaments that are on the IOI platform. This includes free and paid. We will go through the features of both so that you can choose the one that best fits you!

Free: Races

The free races start every 2 minutes and will be considered as a basic onboarding game and tutorial. There will be limit of 200 players per one round race. The first 50 players will split the price pool of 1 IOI. In addition, according to the table below, you can join with a maximum of 5 cars. 


The free tournaments are also a part of the free races. There are a total of 10 qualification rounds where you need to collect points according to the table below. The first 50 players will be able to split the price pool of 2 TRX depending on the table below, and users can join with a maximum of 5 cars.


For the paid races, the users can enter with IOI tokens or TRX tokens. Users will also be able to use ETH in the future.

Tron Races

The Tron races allow users to participate by betting TRX. The amount that you can bet goes from 10 TRX all the way to 1000 TRX. Users can earn up to 100x of what they bet. The user’s performance will depend on the chosen crypto that you fuel your car up with. The duration of the race is 30 seconds. The more cars you have in one race, there will also be a higher chance to win.

Adventure Races: Police Race

In the police race, you have to beat the police cop. You can choose the difficulty level to compete with one, two or three police men. This will multiply your rewards by 2x or 3x. The cops will be trading bots from the IOI trading platform. In addition, they plan on creating races like ambulance, fire, James Bond, high score, or VS will be available.

IOI Race

Similar to the Tron races. The IOI races allow users to bet IOI and win up to 100x more. The amount of IOI you can bet goes from 1, 3, to 5 IOI. The car speed is also dependent on the performance of the chosen crypto that the car is fueled up with. With more cars, there will also be a higher chance to win. The duration of the race is 30 seconds. 

Apart from the Races, you can also collect cars and NFTs!

On IOI, you can purchase more cars to further increase your chance of winning. Every car has its own value that will increase over time. The cars will be NFTs or non fungible tokens on the blockchain. Users can use IOI tokens to then purchase cars and unlock the limited series cars. The cars can also be personalized and later sold for profit later on the NFTs open market. As for parking, the player can park their car in their own garage and make extra deposits and enjoy profits similar to renting the car on a daily basis up to 0.05%. There are four editions of cars: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. So users can buy six cars in each edition and after you complete one edition, you will get one car for free. 

Benefits for Collectible Cars:

  • Use more cars in the same race and increase your winning chance 
  • Car staking up 24 % APY as indicated in summary table below
  • Cars in value range 100 – 1000 IOI get 6% APY, cars in value range 1000-5000 IOI get 12% APY, cars in value range 5000-10 000 IOI get 18% APY, cars in value range above 10 000 IOI get 24% APY 
  • Staking rewards pay in IOI token 
  • Get one bonus car for free once you buy the complete edition and get staking reward according to the table below 
  • Sell the cars for the profit on the NFTs market or hold long them long term in the future
  • With car bonus, you can get 100% higher rewards that pay out monthly
  • Price of the bonus car is in the value of the whole edition
  • With the bonuses, you can double the rewards! 
  • Each car has a limited number of pieces 
IOI Tier Levels

Where can I store my assets?

This is where the custom Nitro wallet comes in. The IOI team built a multi-chain digital wallet that will enable management and usage of digital assets without the requirement for third-party browser extensions. The wallet will enable direct token transactions and be able to be used for payments. The name of the wallet is NITRO and it will also bring you access to staking. Additionally, the wallet will be available for desktop and Google play mobile versions, all this will be free! Below are a few more features that you can expect from the Nitro wallet! 

  • Multi Deposit
  • Real – Time Info
  • World Class Analytics
  • Daily Profit
  • 10% Referral Commission


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