What is Ethermon?

You’ve probably heard of Pokemon right? Well have you ever imagined if Pokemon could one day be on the blockchain? Well let me tell you about Ethermon. Ethermon is a decentralized game platform where you can catch, train, and transform digital monsters and trade them for real value! Launched back in 2017, Ethermon is an Ethereum based blockchain game. So all your assets will be protected by blockchain technology ensuring your assets fully in your custody.

What exactly can you do with Ethermon?

If you were a kid in the 90s’ or 2000s’, I’m sure you’ve all gone through the Pokemon craze trying to “catch ’em all”! Well you can now relive this craze with Ethermon on the blockchain! There’s over hundreds of Monster species that you can catch and each one varies by types, generations, forms of power, and so on… Not only can you capture over hundreds of Monsters, you can also trade Mons and assets! The Mons are protected assets on the blockchain as well as many other items in game.

By training the Monsters, users can increase their value and turn them into real monetary benefits that can be realized through trading. Moreover, remember the days where you played your friends and battled for who had the strongest Pokemon? Ethermon allows you to do the same! In addition, you can battle for rewards on the platform allowing you to compete with other plays fighting for bigger rewards! There will also be available quests, ranking competitions, tournaments and many more activities for you to explore! 

Let's talk about features…

Ethermon has several features available that will help maximize the user’s experience. This includes an official store, market, lending, and gameplay. We will dive deep into each one…

Official Store

At the official store, users can buy new Mons and eggs. News Mons will release in the store from time to time. In addition, by buying an egg, it will return you with a random Mon from a list of available Mons.


The market is a place where Mons will be sold in limited time/event and can be only acquired by playing the game. So you can only acquire form 2 and 3 Mons through evolving their lower forms. In addition, to get these Mons, users need to buy them in the market.


If you want to own a Mon temporarily at an affordable cost, you can look to lending. Lending is a very useful feature if you want to get a Mon ancestor into your account to transform the Mon. The lending duration and lending fees will be set by the renters. In addition, after the lending duration ends, the lended Mon will automatically return back to its owner.


Game play can be split into practice, ranked and adventure.


The Practice matches consist of 3 one-on-one battles between 2 teams of attacking Mons and up to 3 supporting Mons. Each practice will cost 2 energy to play, and Each Mon can gain EXP from Practice while not changing your rank. The Practice mode also only allows Mons level 20 and below to join. 


The Ranked matches consist of 3 one-on-one battles between 2 teams of 3 attacking Mons and up to 3 supporting Mons. Ranked matches work the same as Practice matches. The Ranked matches will cost 2 energy to play. The user’s rating will change according to the results of the match. So by winning more you will have a higher-rank meaning you have a higher chance to win rewards in Ranking Competition events. Every win in the Ranked mode will also grant users EMONT rewards. 


The Adventure mode is for users to gain special items that are unavailable elsewhere. There are 54 sites and each one will drop a specific set of items and special Mons. Each site will also only allow 6 Mon types out of 17 to visit. The sites that each Mon can visit is determined by the first type of the Mon. In each adventure, the chance that a site is visited is random. So users can pay Ether or EMONT to play in Adventure mode. In addition, after every adventure, Mons can bring home one item or a Mon that inhabits the visited site. Each adventure will take a certain amount of time for the Mon to return so you can speed up if necessary.

The EMONT Token

EMONT is an ERC-20 token that can be traded like Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. EMONT will act as the in-game currency that will be used to purchase new Mons in the game and also enhance players! The currency will also fuel the entire game in the future. Players can earn a certain amount of EMONT every time you win in a battle or earn it as a gift in Adventure mode. 

Tell me more about the Mons and Assets...


As of right now, there are over 160 Mon species in the Ethermon world. Each one has its own unique shape and characteristics. The characteristics and strengths of each species are also classified through: Type, Battle Power, Total Catches, Gen, Forms, etc. 

Let’s talk a little more about the different characteristics!


There are currently 17 Mon types which include Leaf, Insect, Rock, Lightning, Water, Fire, Iron, Ice, Flyer, Earth, Combat, Neutral, Mystic, Telepath, Phantom, Dragon, Toxin. Each Mon can possess 1 to 2 types. Each type will have a distinct kind of strength and will have an advantage over exactly another type. You can look at the image below to see how the advantages work. Furthermore, by knowing the different types, you can strategize tactics in your battle! 

Battle Power

Battle Power determines the strength of a Mon. It will determine how high the Primary Attack is and how strong the Primary Defense, Speed, Health, and other stats will be. It will impact the Mon’s overall power!

Total Catches

The total catches number shows the total number of a Mon’s species up until now. It will evaluate the Mon’s rareness. The sooner the Mons catch, the more valuable they will be (catch number #1, #2, #3, etc…). 


Gen refers to the Mon’s generation. All of the offspring are at the same stage of a descent from a common ancestor. The Gen-0 are a special generation. They do not have any ancestors and cannot lay eggs. They were released during Presale so the number of Gen-0 monsters are limited and players can only have one via the marketplace. 


Mons can have up to 3 forms. Some Mons are able to lay eggs but lose the ability once they evolve. You can transfer Mons into advanced forms through collecting all ancestors of the Mon. The ancestors will show in the Mon’s profile. An ancestor can increase their descendant’s offensive stats in battle. Hence, by gathering Ancestors, the Mon will increase their combat advantage.


In addition to owning your own Mon, MonSeekers can also buy eggs to hatch. An egg will need to be hatched in order to become a Mon. The time for an egg to hatch is randomized ranging from a few hours to a few days. Moreover, players can own more Mons by owning spawn-capeable Mons. This information will show on the Mon’s profile page. Some Mons can lay eggs at certain levels (excluding Gasons and Legends). The egg laying level for each type of Ethermon is different. After laying eggs, the level of an Ethermon will then be reduced by a certain amount. You can also buy and hatch your eggs in an open and decentralized world of Decentraland!

Adventure Site

There are currently 54 Adventure sites divided into 10 pieces. Each piece is an ERC-721. Adventure Sites are co-hosted by 10 people, and the site tokens will be tradeable on OpenSea marketplace. Site owners can obtain 90% of the adventure fee from players. This fee will distribute among 10 owners of a site. In addition, the remaining 10% will go towards the Ethermon development team for maintenance and community engagement.


The platform also has additional items like Level-Up Stones, Booster Shards, EXP Boxes, and Energy to help players proceed faster in the game. To learn more about these additional items, check out Ethermon’s guide to items

Ethermon x Polygons L2 Framework:

In order to ensure users with the most optimal gameplay experience, scaling is necessary for fluid transactions among the platform. The current flaws of using Ethereum Layer 1 creates various drawbacks as it often creates congestion of the network. ETH gas prices have also been insanely high making it difficult to execute a transaction. To solve this issue, Polygon previously known as Matic addresses the gas dilemma by providing a framework for decentralized applications to integrate and migrate smart contract code to Layer 2. This massive throughput demand will be offloaded from the main chain and bridged to a much scalable environment. The platform has already achieved up to 7,000 transactions per second (TPS) much faster than the 14 TPS on Ethereum. Moreover, the platform also achieved 1/1000th of the gas fee per transaction compared to Ethereum. 

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What is Ethermon?

You’ve probably heard of Pokemon right? Well have you ever imagined if Pokemon could one day be on the blockchain? Well let me tell you

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