What is Don-Key Finance?

What is Don-Key Finance? To answer that, let’s start by addressing the problem it solves. DeFi has exploded in the past year, reaching a stunning $117 billion market cap at the time of writing. The space looks to challenge traditional finance and completely alter their space by providing a much faster and accessible method of financing. However, the current DeFi market has various barriers of entry for both yield farmers and liquidity providers. So issues like a lack of liquidity, fraudulent projects, high volatility, and more… so this makes it difficult for everyday investors to participate in the DeFi world. 

The Solution

To solve this issue, we present to you Don-key. Don-key Finance is the first social platform bringing yield farmers and liquidity providers together. With the help of Don-key, yield farmers will be able to maximize their assets under management along with profit volume generation. The platform provides a perfect entry point for inexperienced and low capital individuals who wish to enter into the DeFi space. In addition, the team envisions Don-key to provide yield farmers with a seamless planning tool in combination accompanied by a gamified social trading experience with endless liquidity to execute their strategies. 

Some key features you should know about!

Don-key has various features in place that will allow the yield farmers and liquidity providers to best maximize their experience. A few of these features include: 

Copy Farming

Users can use Copy Farming to learn and auto-invest on the latest farming opportunities by simply following the top farmers and browsing the Don-key’s strategy builder.

Strategy Builder

Users can use the drag-n-drop interface to easily plan and optimize the various farming scenarios they wish to create.

Farmer Reputation

Farmer Reputation shows a farmer’s APY results and historical track record.

Investor Reputation

The Investor Reputation is based upon the investors’ participation in the platform which can earn additional layers of access to the highest Alpha opportunities.

Non-custodial Pools

The Non-custodial pools will allow users to save gas fees through pooling investments with other investors providing the same protocols.

A little more about how you can build your own strategy!

As mentioned earlier, Don-key has a specialized interface just for yield farmers to create their own strategies. The drag and drop 0-code visual interface is suitable for all kinds of users allowing everyone to enjoy building their personalized strategies! The Strategy Builder also has easy implementations strategies allowing users to easily add in functions like automated take profit/stop loss, conditional commands, and automated cash out conditions.


The builder also has cross-chain capabilities allowing for easy integration with cross-chain protocols including Ren. Above all, the builder will alwo auto reinvestment and harvest profits for compounding gains as well as automated calculation of different APY’s from different pools and protocols all on the same UI. The platform also has one click insurance allowing you to get the best insurance quotes for your APY flow in just 1 simple click. Worried that there were some functions unavaliable? Users are also able to upload their own code onto the builder to bring out an additional edge! 

What type of roles are there onboard?!

So as mentioned earlier, there are the Don-key Farmers and the Don-key Investors. The platform also has Don-key Developers. Let’s first start with the farmers. 

The Don-key Farmer

The Don-key Farmers are essentially yield farmers who are at the frontier of the DeFi revolution. Don-key will support the yield farmers with their platform by allowing modern farmers to raise liquidity from various liquidity providers and then trade on their behalf. The farmers will be able to build multiple strategies and become an autonomous hedge fund. They will gain commission from the collective yield of your strategies.


Farmers can also transfer liquidity from various protocols with close to zero fees. A farmer profile will essentially represent your farming philosophy, way of thinking, and proven yield. Don-key strongly believes in transparency, but they allow farmers to not expose the blueprints of their strategies. However, they are able to show off some basic blueprints and keep more advanced strategies for high roller investors with hidden wallets. So with the help of Don-key, the yield strategies will have a much more effective and efficient way of collecting capital with DeFi strategies. 

The Don-key Investor

The Don-key investors will be a crucial part of the platform. Investors that are active on the various aspects of the platform will be able to benefit from the incentives onboard. One of the first benefits that investors can benefit from is governance. The investor committee will be able to rate farmers through on-chain voting where farmers are not just evaluated for their APY or APR results but also their communicational skills regarding explanation of strategies or macro insight within the platform.


Second, the investors are able to create thematic funds through using multisig programmatically created wallets and also assign capital into one or more yield farmers under a closed-ended fund mandate with distinctive profit and fee management rules. Thirdly, the investors can have the ability to unlock multiple layers of access depending on their tokens staked and their interaction on the platform along with their participants within governance structures. Don-key welcomes investors of all net-worth levels. This includes both average joes and high net-worth individuals looking to perform yield generation strategies with maximum time efficiency without the cost-ineffective processes. 

The Don-key Developers

Don-key Developers are another big part of the platform. The team behind Don-key will offer developers the option to add protocols, tools, and features. The external developers will also be incentivized with $DONs, native currency of Don-key, to help further develop the platform. 

The $DON Token

The $DON token is the native currency of Don-key Finance. The holders of $DON will be able to earn passive income through holding the tokens and staking them in the wallets and Don-key liquidity pools available on DEX platforms. Moreover, the holders of $DON will be able to gain voting rights on the platform through staking a predefined amount of tokens in their specified staking wallets. $DON holders will be able to participate in the community’s decision making process which includes new proposals, new integrations, pool audits, circulation, distribution, and more. The governors will also be able to control DON’s on-chain governance model. In addition, there are various other benefits of being a $DON holder which includes:

  • Access to exclusive Pools
  • Reduced commission on strategy pools
  • Review farmers 
  • Approve new integrations
  • Priority whitelist access to be farm with the best farmers
  • Rewards and incentives for participating in platform


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