What is Decentral Games? is a community governed metaverse casino that is powered by $DG. On this platform, players can earn $DG rewards by simply playing games, LPs can also earn $DG by providing liquidity, and token holders can earn $DG for participating in the governance of the casino house funds treasury.

The ecosystem's composition is the following:

In order to align with ecosystem development with community interests, 62% of the $DG supply will distribute to the community to help incentivize participation in gameplay, provision of liquidity, and governance rewards.

So what’s the ecosystem like?

The ecosystem revolves closely around the dgTreasury, an open and transparent casino house funds treasury, which would bankroll all games. The treasury requires a sufficient buffer of funds in order to cater for mathematical variance in the odds offered by the casino games. In addition, all the fees that they collect from the players will go in the treasury (in MANA and DAI), and it will use it to pay out players’ winnings. 


To help promote community governance for the network, $DG will also allow the holders to propose and vote on governance proposals to help determine features and parameters of the ecosystem. So they calculate voting weight depending on the user’s token holdings, and the right to vote is solely for voting on features of the ecosystem and development of new features through allocation of treasury funds. Note that the right to vote does not entitle $DG holders to vote on the operation of the company. 

The Native $DG Token

The $DG token is the native utility token for the ecosystem. The token ensures the proper functioning of the ecosystem. $DG is a non-refundable functional utility token that will be a medium of exchange between the participants on the ecosystem. The main goal of introducing $DG is to help provide a convenient yet secure way of payment and settlement for users to interact in the ecosystem. Note that the token is not meant to be a medium of exchange that is accepted outside of the platform as payment or goods and services. $DG will also provide economic incentives to attract users to contribute to the ecosystem. 

The Gameplay Rewards

The platform has several gameplay rewards to incentivize players with $DG for playing games with MANA or DAI. This design is to help jumpstart the ecosystem. So the highest $DG gameplay rewards rates are given to players that are playing together at the same table to incentivize a real life casino atmosphere. Furthermore, the gameplay rewards distribution is determined by specific actions performed by individual players, which include: 

  • blackjack play-to-mine function – equation that determines $DG mined per MANA or DAI wagered in blackjack
  • roulette play-to-mine function – equation that determines $DG mined per MANA or DAI wagered in roulette
  • affiliate rate – a bonus rate for all wagers placed through addresses a player refers
  • multiplayer bonus – play-to-mine rate multiplier all players enjoy when playing with 2, 3, and 4 players at the same table
  • NFT wearable bonus – play-to-mine bonus for players wearing a NFT wearable while playing games


*The $DG token holders can vote to change variables depending on the market condition. 

Liquidity Incentives

For the ecosystem to function properly, there are various liquidity incentives within the system. These incentives would incentivise users to play the role of liquidity providers and stake digital assets into MANA/DG (98/2) or DAI/DG (92/2) market making pools. This would help promote adoption for the ecosystem by staking assets into the liquidity pools. Liquidity providers will also receive rewards in $DG tokens depending on each user’s contribution. Note that $DG liquidity incentives are based on cumulative pool weight of the BPTs staked in the $DG liquidity pools. 

Governance Rewards

To allow for more adoption of the ecosystem, governance rewards are given to $DG holders. This provides $DG holders additional $DG for staking in the governance contract to vote for the first year of operations. This serves as an important process as it allows different community members to share their different views towards the project. Furthermore community members will be essential to driving the development of the ecosystem. So after the initial phase, $DG governance will vote to extend governance rewards funded by the treasury.


The main objective of $DG governance is to evolve it into a DAO, where all the final decisions will be given to the community. The current proposals are available on’s Snapshot dashboard. The $DG governance token will also reward active players and LPS. The governance token will also act as a governance instrument allowing the community to vote on new game development as well as allocating house funds and adjusting ecosystem parameters to mitigate risks. This allows community members to directly interact with the platform to bring closer to being operated by the community members that value it the most. The holders of $DG tokens will be able to decide on the following tasks:

  • dgTreasury house funds risk allocation
  • $DG gameplay mining rewards and bonuses
  • $DG grants for new game development
  • approvals for new operators


In order to govern the dgTreasury, $DG token holders can vote on: 

  • adjust maximum bets for each game
  • adjust minimum balance in MANA and DAI allocated for each game
  • buy $DG from pools
  • distribute $DG token incentives for active contributors
  • allocate community development grants 


The $DG governance proposals will allocate funds to commence upon the treasury surpassing $500,000 USD in value. The initial $DG governance parameters will be as follows:

  • 1% of $DG circulating supply to submit a governance proposal
  • 10% of $DG circulating supply required to vote ’yes’ to reach quorum
  • 7 day voting period

Wait so what games and casinos are there on

The has 5 games. These 5 games are Blackjack, Roulette, Slots, Backgammon, and Poker. There are also 3 casinos which are Chateau Satoshi, Tominoya, and Serenity Island.


In conclusion, the platform serves as a perfect place for users to gather and enjoy online games while also earning reawrds. The platform will serve as a revolutionary instrument that will connect the crypto space and the gaming world. To learn more about how to use Decentral Game’s platform checkout this article.


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