What is DAOSquare?

What is DAOSquare? To answer that, let’s start with the problem. We all know with the recent boom of DeFi and NFT, the Web3 innovation space is just getting started. However, there isn’t an existing platform that can provide start-up teams with a community to foster their phenomenal creations. So many of these journeys and dreams end with various obstacles and problems that the startups are presented with.

The Solution

And to answer that problem…we present you with DAOSquare. DAOSquare is an incubator based on Web3 that will help startups to deal with token economy solutions, technology innovation, community operations, and many more issues to come. You can think of DAOSquare being the same as Y-Combinator in the 21st century! Moreover, DAOSquare is one of the most influential DAOs in the east. It was born from MetaCartel, an extremely famous Ethereum community. 

What exactly is available?

The Incubator

The Incubator is a resource network that will benefit everyone that is involved. The incubator will run following the path of DAO allowing everyone to take part!


The team believes that for hackers it is not about earning rewards, instead it is to make their products successful. Hence, the team hopes to help the innovators through hackathon. This will allow the discovery of awesome new projects via HackDAO and also take them one step further!

HunFan Lab

The HunFun Lab is a collection of the world’s top-tier experts and geniuses from around the world. So the various talent and wisdom will help innovators achieve remarkable success!

The Mission

  • Bring together community drivers to promote the implementation of the business plan efficiently
  • Coordinate community affairs
  • Promote healthy community development
  • Help community members connect to resources within/outside the community
  • Assist community members incubate their entrepreneurial projects or other ideas
  • Help community members grow

Rights and Benefits

  • Community governance rights
  • Governance rights for commercial projects
  • Dividend Rights for commercial projects

The Community DAO

In order to guarantee the principle of openness of the community, the community designed a special DAO to allow any RICE(DAOSquare’s token) holder to join, and co-governance. So the Community DAO will build a governance model based on the Moloch protocol when the incubator online, The DAOSquare Community DAO’s governance tool. In addition, this governance tool will include features like:

  • Voting for membership (access and kick-out)
  • Voting on governance decisions
  • Manage community funds

Moreover, the team has also launched a discussion channel for DAO members on Discord’s DAOSquare community to discuss DAO governance and any related business project matters.

So how can you join in?

DAOSquare is open for everyone. So if you get the RICE, you will become a member of the DAOSquare Community DAO automatically. Now, DAOSquare is building the community contract based on DAOhaus. You will be able to be a part of the Community DAO when the Incubator of DAOSquare official online (at the same time, RICE will issue)!

Let’s talk about governance!

The governance of DAO can be divided into on-chain and off-chain. Off-chain governance will be implemented through the DAOSquare community in Discord, whereas on-chain governance will be done through the DAO on DAOSquare Community DAO (based on DAOhaus). One of the main elements of on-chain governance is voting. Furthermore any resolution will lead to a consensus in the form of a voting process.

Tell me more about RICE!

RICE is DAOSquare’s governance pass. It will act as an on-chain warrant for DAOSquare’s equity. It will also be the dividend right in future earnings of DAOSquare. So what exactly are the features of RICE?

  • Governance Rights
  • Dividends Rights
  • Equity


Anyone that is willing to participate in DAOSquare’s governance through pledging RICE to join the DAOSquare Community DAO can receive a share of the future earnings.

How can I get RICE?

  • Become an investor in the incubator 
  • Become a strategic investor
  • Join DAOSquare to tribute your efforts


DAOSquare is looking to drive its commercialization goals through a community approach. The pioneering experiment doesn’t just hope to bring value to DAOSquare, but also bring social value created by the ecosystem.

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