There has always been an issue with retail venture investing in equity and tokens. However, one platform looked to change it all and make a go-to platform for ALL investors. The DAO Maker platform will provide low-risk participation frameworks which will be essential for global retail in the venture capital space. The ability to provide everyday people with a safe space to grow their capital while also improving their living quality is essential to the continuous innovation of the DAO Maker platform.

In the short span of 2 years, the Dao Maker platform has already grown into one of the largest ecosystems for retail investors. In the mere year 2020, the platform has signed over 75,000 retail users interested in early-stage ventures. DAO Maker is on track to become one of the most disruptive systems and also revolutionize the way personal finances work. 

So what exactly does the DAO Maker platform do?

The team behind DAO Maker has been working on a singular platform that offers funding in tiered risk levels. In order to cater to the various risk appetites of retail, the platform has a few crucial features. These features include:

  • Venture Bond for close to zero risks, but has reduced rewards
  • Dynamic Equity/Coin Offerings for capped risks but maintains the most rewards
  • Refundable Strong Holder Offerings for the public sales of tokens that successfully closes a private round
  • Standard Offerings for equity/token issuance without any protection and maximum risk appetite 


The platform will also support FDIC-insured stablecoins and fiat, and the very first supported currency is actually the Euro. While the access to equity and token offerings are dependent on the various jurisdictions of countries, most countries should allow the access to both. By creating a platform that offers retail early stage exposure, it will allow wide ranging startups to receive support while enjoying varying levels of protection. 

What products are there exactly?

Venture Bonds

With the Venture Bond, it will offer DAO Maker users access to close to zero-risk venture investments. A principal sum of money will be required to purchase Venture Bonds that are issue from a startup. They will use the principal sum to generate interest through insured margin funding activities on DeFi and CeFi markets. They will deposit the interest to startups and they will deposit the token/equity from the startup will to the Venture Bond holders. Once the bonds mature, the buyers will be returned their principal sum which leaves them both their initial funding and also newly acquired tokens or equity.

A percentage of startup funding will be claimed by the platform in order to further the progress of the DAO token. This would incentivize the continual growth of the platform and user loyalty. The startups can also choose to opt for premium access to additional platform services, beyond just funding and compliance, for an upfront payment of equity or tokens. 

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Venture Bond Exchange

Tokens from VBs can be liquids. This means that the value attached to the bond is dependent on the value of the tokens it is issuing. Hence, to facilitate the bonds liquidity and trading at market values, they create Venture Bond Exchange. 


The dTeams is a SaaS solution which helps tokenized startups with all their everyday needs. dTeams will provide the infrastructure which prevents corruption, but also provide governance services, staking, and safe liquidity mining. This will all be done through the battle-tested cPanel with a built-in CRM. It will also provide job and career opportunities for people who accept specific cryptocurrencies. dTeams has a basic subscription fee, along with an additional fee that is a percentage of the volume generated on the platform. 

Dynamic Coin Offering (DYCO)

The DYCO is a new framework built for money-backed token offerings. This is achieved by maintaining 100% of the token circulating supply backed by a significant portion of funds raised during the token sale. The DAO Maker escrows the funds through an insured custodian. The DAO Maker platform users can claim funds during a specified time period. And if the project achieves success with the DYCO, a percentage of the non-refundable money will reward the ecosystem. 

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Refundable Strong Holder Offering

Many of the startups usually utilize public sales for a means to boost initial marketing and growth for the community. However, most public sale formats are unable to fully achieve this. Furthermore, the design of rSHO is to build a community which actively provides awareness for the company. With rSHO, a percentage of the non-refundable capital can reward active DAO token holders for participating in the ecosystem. 

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Social Mining

Social Mining is a B2BC SaaS solution that will enable tokenized startups to kickstart their community creation, online exposure, and build organized community ecosystems which will self-regulate the community’s support for the projects. 

What are the token's utilities?

The DAO token has multiple uses, we will talk about all the use cases which include:

Governance and Reward Pool

The token holders of DAO will be able to stake DAO tokens and then gain governance power through the proposals. The DAO holders will also have the ability to vote on launched proposals. By participating in the governance, it will allow stakers to receive payments from platform fees. The staked tokens will also have a lockup for a period of time to ensure participants have long term participation within the ecosystem. 

Token Strength

In order to incentivize users for long-term participation and continual growth for the platform, a portion of the platform fees are there to reduce token circulating supply. They will give an allocation of these tokens to the ecosystem incentives. They will burn a portion and another portion will be to assist the growth of coins that join on the platform’s acceleration program.

Premium Access

The token stakers will be able to receive benefits in allocation priority as well as cashbacks. Moreover, when the platform hosts high-demand offerings, the stakers will also have priority access to many of these startups. The stakers will also receive a portion of their investments back, enabled by a cashback program.

Collateral to Sponsor Lending Pools

The DAO token holders will have the ability to utilize their staked tokens as collateral to then sponsor lending markets. The sponsors will receive fees from the market that they choose to support.

DAO Maker Governance

As mentioned previously, the holders of the DAO token will be able to have governance power through various voting on proposals. And by participating in the governance, the users can also receive payments. The platform also has an incentive for people to continually help out the platform. This comes in the form of long-term staking where users can stake the tokens which will undergo a time lock. This time lock will ensure the long-term commitment to the ecosystem and also the participation for proposals and voting! 

Tell me about staking!

So the staking process is quite simple. Once you initiate a stake, the holders will have to wait 14 days for the stake to become active. During the 14 day period, the holders will not be able to participate in governance, nor will they receive additional staking rewards. The token unlock has a 5 day cool down period. And in 5 days, the tokens can be withdrawn from governance. As for stakers that want an urgent exit, they are able to do so for a fee. This is known as the “express unstaking” fee which will be charged at 1% of staked tokens for an instant unlock. The fees are reduced by 0.2% every 24 hours and after 5 days it will reach 0.


The DAO Maker platform definitely has a lot of potential and there’s always new products to anticipate for! With the continual love for crypto, there will be no doubt that the DAO Maker platform will become the de facto standard for retail investors and all investors in general! 


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