What is Cryptonovae?

What is Cryptonovae? To answer that let’s start by addressing the problem. Cryptocurrencies have had a pretty dramatic up and down throughout the past decade. Bitcoin is the prime example of this. The technology behind Bitcoin is definitely one that will change the monetary landscape. While the evolution of Bitcoin has changed the monetary landscape, the cryptocurrency trading landscape still consisted of many insufficiencies. Moreover, in terms of the basic functionality and user friendliness, crypto trading still has a lot of untapped potential.

The Solution

All the untapped potential and the need for a sophisticated trading platform is what gave life to Cryptonovae. Cryptonovae is a state of the art trading solution that will fully maximize and satisfy the user’s trading experience. The idea was born from a very simple and personal issue which was to improve the team’s own trading. The team wanted to build a software layer that would better allow the team to trade more efficiently. Moreover, they hoped for something that would provide users with the ability to have multiple frames on one screen, ability for split screen, and ultimately build custom timeframes. Above all that, the platform also allows users to one-click Take-profits and Stop-losses. Moreover, there is also an ultimate trade manager that will make the user’s life much easier!

What features are currently available?

The team at Cryptonovae has worked extremely hard to provide users with the best trading experience possible. Furthermore the team’s alpha version that was launched in the summer was tested extensively. 

As of right now, the available features include:

  • Multi time frames — to keep an eye on trends
  • Multi screens — to simultaneously monitor your charts
  • Take Profits and Stop Losses on one click — because time matters
  • Drag and drop Take Profits and Stop Losses — for intuitive trading
  • Custom timeframes — set the perfect time-frame for your unique trading strategy
  • Automated trading support — take advantage of system based approaches
  • Trade manager — reduces risks manual trading poses
  • Indicators, drawings — create a multidimensional overv iew
  • 2FA protection — better safe than sorry
  • API secret key encrypted and stored on your machine — to manage your own security
  • Software client solution — no more never ending list of browser tabs
  • Advanced trade manager —  allows you to trade on the chart,  create stop-losses and profit strategies, and in-built risk management features
  • Marketplace — allows users to buy/sell trading bots, signals, and indicators, relies on $YAE 

The YAE Token

Cryptonovae’s smart contract has already been audited and approved by the world class smart contract auditing firm, CertiK. The smart contract will also be open-source for full transparency. As for the token, it is quite simple. The token is a standard ERC-20 token on Ethereum with a fixed supply of 100 million tokens. So the $YAE token will allow users to interact within the ecosystem which consists of the software and the marketplace. This is all done through the token’s usage as a method of payment. Moreover, YAE also has multiple other applications and will provide additional incentives to utilize the service of the ecosystem. 

Means of Payments

Users on the trading platform and marketplace can use $YAE as a means of payment. The subscription play payments will result in the locking of the paid token for the duration of the subscription. When Cryptonovae’s own products on the marketplace are purchased through using $YAE, a discount will be applicable. Transactions in $YAE for third-party products will also be commission-free for both the buyer and the seller.

Referral Bonuses

Cryptonovae will offer referral bonuses through an affiliate program. Then each referrer will receive commision in $YAE and each referee will have subscription discounts.


Cryptonovae will engage the community through various contests. In order to thank the users that regularly engage in the platform, the community will host contests to boost community bonding and prizes may even be given out in the form of YAE tokens.

Token Repurchases

Cryptonovae will reinvest a third of its free-offer revenue flow to buy back $YAE tokens on the market. The use of the tokens will then be as various ways to then dynamize and energize the ecosystem as well as the community. Tokens will also distribute as a reward for staking $YAE and for trading with an affiliated account. Moreover, they designate an amount of the token to burn in order to maintain scarcity.

Loyalty Program

Cryptonovae will reward affiliate traders with a $YAE distributed at frequent intervals. So a third of the repurchased tokens will be given to the platform’s affiliated users depending on their trading volume and staking level.


The holders of $YAE will have the ability to stake their tokens. Depending on the amount of token that is staked, the stakers will then receive rankings and obtain benefits which may include free subscriptions, free indicators and boosts under the loyalty program! Above all the stakers will also be able to gain shares of the periodic $YAE distribution. A third of the repurchased tokens will then be given to stakers on top of the tokens from the Staking & Rewards pool that will be distributed over the course of 120 months.

Token Burning

In order to have the best interest of Cryptonovae users, the team at Cryptonovae always tries to bring more value to $YAE. That is why a third of the repurchased tokens will be burned as a part of a continuous process to redeem the entire supply. This will make the token supply more scarce and benefit all token holders.

Cryptonovae joining the EDHEC Entrepreneurs Program…

Cryptonovae has just recently been selected out of hundreds of applicants to join the prestigious EDHEC Entrepreneurs Program in the heart of Station F in Paris. The campus is one of the largest startup campuses in the world. If you haven’t heard of EDHEC, it is one of the top 15 business schools worldwide! The school has strong international ties to the business world and has an excellent reputation for research, entrepreneurship and management training. Cryptonovae joined EDHEC’s mentorship program to have better access to high-level mentors that originated from the EDHEC alumni network. So with the help of EDHEC, it will take Cryptonovae to the next level as it will have on-demand access to experts in all domains. Cryptonovae is the second startup from the blockchain ecosystem that is joining EDHEC. 

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