Ever imagined if anime would one day be able to come into the crypto space? The idea of having anime characters enter into the cryptosphere has been long desired by many crypto users. One unique platform has achieved this in 2019. This platform is known as ChainGuardians.io which is a cryptocurrency-meets-anime themed blockchain collectable game. The in-game assets are represented as unique ERC-721 tokens based on the Ethereum blockchain.

ChainGuardian.io hopes to bring the NFT community a never seen before gaming ecosystem founded upon: competitive gameplay through chain analysis technology, advanced game economics which integrates players’ real life cryptocurrency and NFT holdings and the experience of expandable and persistent multi-blockchain worlds. The vision of ChainGuardians is to create one of the world’s most enjoyable blockchain gaming experiences with the combination of traditional gaming concepts with blockchain technology.Furthermore, the ChainGuardian platform hopes to develop a gaming platform that will be capable of functioning upon existing or developing virtual worlds, or even as a completely separate entity.

What type of assets are there exactly?

On the platform there are assets which include weapons and armours, supporting characters, and digital collectibles also known as crypto-collectibles. So all the collectible assets can be deployed in game and are all represented as unique ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. By doing this, it ensures that the assets are one of a kind and also prevents it from duplication or counterfeits. Moreover, all the collectible assets will be limited in quantity. This helps to ensure its scarcity and value within the marketplaces. The users will also have an option to buy and sell the assets on the secondary Non-Fungible Token marketplaces.

What does ChainGuardians do differently from other crypto gaming platforms?

The idea of ‘Pay to Win’ has been a big problem in many of the prominent games today. These tactics often hinder the entry of newer players and limits the game from reaching its full potential. Moreover many of the blockchain games have unique ideas, yet many are unable to get beyond pre-sales. So what do ChainGuardians attempt to do differently?

ChainGuardians attempts to change the market with the following protocols:

  • Taking regular feedback from the community
  • Focus on development of end-game content and advancements in playability
  • Multiple game modes including: PVP, PVE, and collaborative PVE raids
  • With balancing of Guardians, lower ranking characters, item and economy
  • Continuous development of battle meta and ‘elemental’ type balancing
  • Allowing for ‘Bring Your Own NFT’
  • The ‘Loyalty System’
  • In-game testing, balancing and simulations
  • Whitelisting through SafeName to prevent bots and also excessive multi account creations
  • Multiple events and competitions

So is there a token or something?

The ChainGuardians platform has its own $CGG, governance token. There are two main ways for you to earn $CGG. One is through staking any NFT that has been added into the NFT Mining game. By winning the block rewards, the users will then be credited with ChainGuardian Credits (CGC) which can be converted into ChainGuardian tokens (CGG). Another way to earn tokens is through playing the ChainGuardians RPG. So you’ll be battling through the Cryptoverse and you will be rewarded with CGC each time! More importantly, the $CGG token will allow you to earn POWER (liquidity provider token) rewards by providing CGG pairs, stake POWER tokens and earn CGG (APY), take CGG to earn exclusive NFTs and partner tokens, and finally vote on vital decisions regarding the ecosystem. 

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What games are there exactly on the platform?

As of right now, ChainGuardians has two primary games being its NFT PoS Mining game and its Role-Playing game. With the PoS Mining game, you will be able to stake NFTs to earn passive income. The game is also partnered with several major NFT projects making the experience one of a kind. As for the Role-Playing game, it has partners with several major blockchain games. The concept of this game is a play to earn turn-based strategy game. ChainGuardians is also developing its newest Blockchain Superheroes PVP game which will allow players to play against one another. So if you want to learn more about these games, check them out here!

Image taken from ChainGuardians.io

Let's talk game mechanics

The ChainGuardians game is solely controlled by the player, and it is a battle based game which is active in real time. When players are not online, advanced AI based battles will take place all governed by a Guardians’ attributes. So in the game you can strategically conquer places like castles, fortresses and dungeons, or even establish campsites with defensive attributes. You will also be able to ambush enemies at night or daylight. So the main purpose of the game will be to loot and eradicate your enemies. The game allows you to participate in Chain-Battles with other players to gain even bigger rewards. So that wasn’t too much about the mechanics but if you want to learn more on how to play, check out this video! 

Wait, you haven’t even talked about what attributes each player has…

Well in every game, there’s certain attributes that players can have. As for the Guardians, all of them have an overall Power Rating which will equate to a maximum score of 100. There are 12 additional attributes that are outlined below being:

  • Rarity
  • Natural Ability (Max 15)
  • Armour & Weapon Score (Max 5 + Max 5)
  • Magical Item Score (Max 10)
  • Guardian Skills (Max 5 for each of the 5 Skills)
    • Strength 
    • Intellect Stamina
    • Charisma
    • Agility
  • Fame Score (Max 10)
  • Active Score (Max 10)
  • Age (Hidden Metascore)


To learn more in depth about how each of these attributes works, take a look here.

What are the Unique Game Features?

World Spheres:

Within the ChainGuardians platform, there are World Spheres which are ERC-721 tokens. They represent an extremely unique and low supply in-game asset. The World Spheres are limited to 9 per world and the attributes will have special benefits just to its holders! There’s a legend that says if one single player obtains all 9 World Spheres, they will have the ability to make a wish to come true. Four of the World Spheres will be distributed to the community and five World Spheres will be scattered across the world. Once a player obtains all the World Spheres and activates the ‘Make a Wish’ feature, the World Spheres will be re-allocated.

CG-Force Amplification Artifact (ERC-721):

Anyone that holds gate portal access cards (an ERC-721) will be able to participate in the world creation events or during cataclysms. During these seeding events that occur throughout the cryptoverse, energy Forces will be extracted from the worlds. This allows players that hold a gate portal access card to draw energy Forces from their alternate universe Crypto holdings. Players that hold cryptocurrencies that are stipulated by the developers will also be rewarded. This could be just holding a certain amount of  Ethereum in your wallets, which will grant energy Force points that will be amplified by these artifacts. The Powerful Force Amplification Artifacts can provide: 2x, 3x, and even 5x energy duplication and also a rumored legendary artifact that can project up to 50x! 


The ChainGuardians platform has a lot of potential and is continuously looking to develop its in-game experiences so that more crypto-enthusiasts and anime-lovers can join hand in hand in the crypto world. Moreover the platform is even looking to launch a 3D game world in the end of 2021! Exciting stuff right!?! So if you would like to learn more about ChainGuardians or even start playing now, you can check them out right here!  

Telegram: https://t.me/ChainGuardians

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChainGuardians/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chainguardians/

Steemit: https://steemit.com/@chainguardians

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/WPUpbca

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chain_Guardians

Medium: https://chainguardians.medium.com


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