What is Astrotools?

What is Astrotools? To answer that, let’s start by addressing the problem. DeFi has exploded in the past year, platforms like Uniswap, Sushiswap, Pancakeswap, and many more  have attracted many crypto enthusiasts. The DeFi space has since reached a $90 billion market cap at the time of writing! One problem that has continually existed in this space is the difficulty in evaluating all the various projects available. The space has exploded and moved so quickly that it was just roughly worth a $1 billion in market cap back in 2019. Can you imagine how many projects have been built since? In addition, the fast growth in the space has made it difficult for users to properly navigate good projects vs scams.

The Solution

To find a more efficient way of navigating and evaluating various prospects, the team at Astrotools created a platform from existing solutions. AstroTools is a DeFi dashboard that will bridge the information gap between centralized and decentralized exchanges, providing users with an analytical edge to trading. So the serious demand for a reliable data toolset gave birth to Astrotools.

So what will Astrotools achieve for you?

All-in-one Interface

The Astrotool platform will allow users to directly buy or sell Uniswap tokens. Users can also search and view a token’s chart and trade history while also adding them to their favorites list with price alerts.

Live Transaction Viewing

Sick of delays in price and trading data? With Astrotools, you’ll no longer need to worry about positions not filling in time. All the transaction history and chart candles will deliver in real-time directly from Uniswap AND Pancakeswap.

Easy Filter for Scam Potential

All the searches are prioritized by age, liquidity, and trade volumes. All of which can be linked to third party resources combatting duplicative scam coins. The new listing explorer will also highlight liquidity pulls as suspected scams.

What features are available onboard?

There’s quite a few features available on Astrotools to best maximize the user’s experience. These features include:

New Listings

The New Listings is the go-to list for new Uniswap and Pancakeswap listings. So this is completed with indicators that highlight tokens created by contract generators and live rug warnings to ensure your safety!

Token Explorer

By entering your desired ‘age’, ‘volume’, ‘TX county’, and ‘liquidity’ criteria it will show a list of matching pairs for further analysis.

Whale Alert

Most of us probably aren’t gonna have millions of dollars in BTC right? So you probably want to track and see all the buy + sell orders of whales. This is where Whale Alert comes in and tracks all orders over >$10k.

Trending Pairs

On trending pairs, users can view different projects and see how each is performing.

Account Scanner

Account Scanner allows users to scan and see what other accounts are up to. Furthermore, this allows users to detect possible scams and protect yourself.

Pair Explorer

An intuitive user dashboard that allows you to view all the trade history and your own trades!

Want more benefits? Then sign up for their membership!

There’s three different tiers to the Astrotool membership. The membership passes only activate by users holding sufficient ASTRO tokens. So by holding the tokens, the users will automatically unlock advanced tool sets used for DeFi and cryptocurrency trading. The membership slots will be hard capper in order to provide experienced traders with a competitive edge. Users can also cancel by simply transferring members back through Uniswap. So this includes the Casual, Hardcore, and the Professional. Let’s go into detail for all the different passes:


For 250 ASTROs you can get: Real-Time Prices & Charts, Deep Transaction History, Embedded Uniswap Trading, New Listings Explorer, Self Trade History, Unlimited Favorites & Alerts


For 1000 ASTROs you can get: Everything in “Casual”, Token Explorer with Filters, Extended New Listings, Whale Watcher, Account Scanner, Portfolio Tracker (via Zerion)


For 20000 ASTROs you can get: Everything in “Hardcore”, more updates will announce later…

The ASTRO Token

The ASTRO token is the access token that powers the Astrotools ecosystem. Apart from allowing access to advanced trading tools and premium features on the platform, the token also grants users the ability to participate in Airdrops! Back in October 1st of 2020, the platform rewarded token holders of at least 1000 ASTRO, exclusive NFT drops! In addition a few exclusive and limited NFT items created by Astrotools was launched in October. If you want to check out more about the Astrotools NFTs, check them out here! Stay tuned to Astrotools for potentially more Airdrops and more exclusive membership benefits! 


Check out more about Astrotools!


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