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Today we are ecstatic to announce another partnership with TIDAL. TIDAL is a multi-chain open market platform that allows for programmable insurance. So the platform empowers users to create custom insurance pools for multiple assets. In addition they provide pool statistics and rankings, it makes the platform one of the most efficient smart contract insurance markets out there. As an avid supporter for cryptocurrencies, Genesis Block hopes to support more platforms that can provide useful services to the community. As an investor of TIDAL, we believe that TIDAL is able to bring something new to the growing DeFi space. Moreover the continual growth and success of DeFi cannot leave behind the need for insurance, and we believe TIDAL can be that game changer and provide a secure pathway for DeFi users.

Take a look at what we have to say about TIDAL!

Tidal Team: What are some ways in which insurance can help solve fundamental issues in DeFi?

Genesis Block: DeFi is a very exciting technology that promises to disrupt global finance. However the main hurdle to wider adoption is reliability of the smart contracts underpinning the entire space. Insurance platforms can help reduce this risk

Tidal Team: Why did you invest in Tidal Finance?

Genesis Block: We see a growing need for insurance in the smart contract space, with plenty of room for new entrants. There are a few newly established platforms out there, but we feel Tidal is able to bring something new to the space and occupy a different user segment.

Tidal Team: What are some ways in which marketplaces can create both supply and demand in crypto?

Genesis Block: Marketplaces are especially important in crypto. Blockchain technology is able to disintermediate many centralized authorities. This means the user experience is critical. Well designed marketplaces would be intuitive to the end users. The most comfortable someone is with trading or exchanging, the more natural supply and demand will grow.

Tidal Team: How do you suggest that you evaluate whether a DeFi product has product market fit?

Genesis Block: The first test is — do we understand it? Can we use it ourselves? Do we want to use it? We at Genesis Block are considered pretty crypto-savvy already, so if we find it complex, there’s very little chance it has PMF, unless there is some niche industry we aren’t familiar with. So that’s how we start looking at it. Once again, UX and UI are very important and often overlooked.

Tidal Team: What are some geographies that are important for DeFi projects in terms of internationalization?

Genesis Block: I would say part of the appeal in blockchain is its composability and accessibility, no matter where you are in the world. Emerging markets have less developed finance infrastructure and are an obvious target for growth.


About Genesis Block

Genesis Block is a premier OTC trading center for all digital assets. With the head office in the financial hub of Asia, Hong Kong, the company is backed by a team of financial professionals and industry leaders with prominent experience. The company serves clients globally and continues to grow rapidly by day. So with an ambitious vision to make all digital assets widely available. Genesis Block also operates the largest digital asset ATM machines in Asia through the company’s subsidiary, CoinHere. Furthermore we have over 40 commercial-scale crypto farms in the Asia-Pacific region, the company has pioneered in the crypto-space and wishes to one day bring mass adoption to cryptocurrencies. 

At Genesis Block, we pride ourselves on the trust and goodwill we foster with our clients. We believe that transparency and honesty are fundamental to Genesis Block’s continued success. We will always be upfront and truthful regarding all information we provide and our service fees. Above all else, our clients trust us because we have a strong emphasis on safety and privacy with our client’s data.

About Tidal

TIDAL is a multi-chain open market for programmable insurance that empowers users to create custom insurance pools for multiple assets. So with pool statistics and ranking, it is the most efficient smart contract insurance market, launching on the Polkadot ecosystem. The team behind TIDAL is a group of strong mathematics and business background professionals who understand the financial and mathematical underpinnings behind creating the next decentralized insurance marketplace for crypto. To learn more about TIDAL, feel free to check them out below. 

Twitter: @TidalDeFi 

Telegram: https://t.me/tidalfinance


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