SushiSwap Sushi hack

Sushi Infighting! Developer Hacks MISO? Co-Founder Maki Steps Down

SushiSwap Sushi hack

An infighting breaks out in DeFi ‘Blue Chip’ SushiSwap! Lately, an attacker – who reportedly is Sushi’s core developer – has hacked SushiSwap’s token issuance platform MISO. Sushi’s CTO Joseph Delong claims he knows the identity of the attacker. At the same time, Sushi’s co-founder Maki announces his decision to step down from the leadership role in Sushi.

Last Friday, Sushi disclosed that a hacker attacked its token issuance platform MISO. All of the 864.8 ETH in the token auction of new crypto project “Jay Pegs Auto Mart” was stolen.

As a fork from Ethereum’s largest decentralized exchange Uniswap, Sushi continues to expand the platform with new features, including MISO. MISO, short for “Minimal Initial SushiSwap Offering”, is a crypto-token fundraising and auction platform under Sushi.

Then, SushiSwap’s CTO Joseph Delong believes the attacker was 0x A.K. (Twitter account: eratos1122). 0x A.K. is an anonymous developer who works with Sushi and other DeFi projects such as Yearn.Finance. Later, Joseph Delong announced the hacker had returned the stolen funds. However, 0x A.K. insists he has nothing to do with the attack on MISO, calling for Delong to apologize.

Sushi Co-Founder 0xMaki Steps Down

“Most work of the MISO has been done by myself and it makes a lot of the liquidation to the SUSHI. Of course, it made me crazy as well today… However, it’s your turn – please say me `SORRY`. All of the Sushi core members are asking for it as you know.”

“I’ll say sorry. I’ll even say you’re pretty now that the funds have been returned,” Delong retweets.

Also, soon after the MISO hack, SushiSwap co-founder and project leader 0xMaki, announces he steps down from leading the exchange. He will remain in the Sushi DAO as an advisor. Maki says SushiSwap now has over 20 core developers. Deploying on over 10 EVM-compatible chains, SushiSwap now consists of multiple features on Sushi such as Kashi, MISO, and the upcoming NFT marketplace Shoyu. He feels confident that the current team in place will be able to pursue and grow this project without me.

“I’ve always strived for Sushi to be leaderless with my role being contributor. I hope no one tries to put anyone on a pedestal to ‘lead’ Sushi,” says Maki in a statement.

As the latest development of Sushi’s turmoil, crypto trading firm Three Arrows Capital transfers a large amount of SUSHI tokens from its wallets to the Binance exchange. According to crypto analytics firm Nansen, Three Arrows Capital took out 2.31 million SUSHI (about $29 million) from the address to Binance. For now, there are only 6,899 SUSHI tokens in those wallet addresses.

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