Pokemon Go metaverse AR

Pokémon Go Metaverse? Niantic Launches New Platform to Build AR App

Pokemon Go metaverse AR
Following Facebook’s transformation into metaverse, Niantic, the developer behind popular AR game Pokémon Go, goes big in the metaverse. It plans to work with tech companies like Facebook, Apple to develop AR applications.

Combining AR, gaming, location tracking and social features, Pokémon Go has become the most successful mobile game in history.

Now, Niantic announces a $20 million investment on Lightship. The new platform focuses on augmented reality (AR) applications – for both Apple iOS and Android – for the metaverse.

According to Niantic, Lightship aims to connect the digital world with the real world. Lightship targets tech companies – say, Facebook, Apple – to develop an AR metaverse that can accommodate the world’s population.

Lightship will provide most of the software tools to program developers for free starting from Monday, said John Hanke, Niantic’s CEO. Next year, Lightship will focus on developing a “visual positioning system” for AR glasses. With the new design, AR glasses can understand the real-world geographic location more accurately.

SBF: Gaming NFT to Bring Crypto Into Mainstream

However, Hanke is choosing a different approach from the “mainstream” metaverse development. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook/ Meta’s CEO, the metaverse looks like a souped-up version of virtual reality (VR). In contrast, Niantic’s Lightship is developing cross-platform, open AR applications. Lightship’s metaverse would be the technology to enhance the human experience in the physical world, encouraging real face-to-face interaction.

Cryptocurrency, NFT, and blockchain technology are key to the metaverse. At the Solana Breakpoint conference, FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) shared optimism about gaming NFTs. He believes gaming NFTs have the mainstream potential to bring crypto into the mass.

SBF expects that there will soon be top game publishers hoping to introduce blockchain technology into their game systems. These traditional game publishers would use crypto and NFTs to build their new gaming economies.

SBF also believes that the high-speed blockchain Solana could become a hub for crypto gaming and social media. 1 out of 3 users will get into the crypto market through blockchain games. Recently, FTX has teamed up with Solana and Lightspeed Ventures to set up a $100 million fund. The new fund would invest in blockchain games and GameFi projects, such as Faraway.

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