Genesis Block OTC Desk
Large Trades, Private & Personalized Services

Over-the-Counter or OTC trading are transactions that range from US$20,000 to millions in fiat, Bitcoin, or other major Cryptocurrencies. The greatest advantage of using Genesis Block’s OTC is our deep liquidity with bespoke private service to institutional investors and high net worth individuals. So when they need to place large orders that would fall victim to ‘slippage’ on an open exchange, Genesis Block’s OTC is an ideal solution.

Typically speaking, our OTC Desk requires a minimum of HK$155,000 (around US$20,000) of transaction value, whether that be in fiat, Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies. In addition, our services enable users to trade assets without concern of market liquidity and order book discovery. So our execution and settlement services offer discretion, security, and are hyper-competitive with market prices.

How does Genesis Block OTC Trading Work?


Register for a OTC Trading account with Genesis Block with an option between Individual Account or Corporate Account


Our traders will contact you directly and set up a secure chat to consult you on bespoke solutions specific to your needs.


Currency or Cryptos are deposited into your Genesis Block Account.


Once you agree to the price of the desired transaction we execute immediately on your behalf.


We then settle the transaction within the same day, normally immediately after the transaction has been executed.

Our Bespoke OTC Trading Features

Genesis Block prides ourselves with our seamless trading experience and extensive customer support, feel free to get in touch to learn more about our services.
Would you like to register for an Individual Account or Corporate Account? Additionally, you can learn more about KYC Forms here and OTC Trading here.

Expert Traders

Our traders are among the best in the world when it comes to Bitcoin and crypto trading. We have decades of collective experience dating back to the origins of Bitcoin. Furthermore, we have provided thousands of satisfied customers with the right prices, at the right place, at the right times.

Trade Bitcoin and Cryptos
Tailor Made Experience

Unlike exchanges and large OTCs, when you work with Genesis Block you are dealing with real people that dedicate themselves to your account. So we provide tailor made solutions in trading and liquidity best suited to your needs on an individual level. Once your account is set up we consult you and provide solutions that cater to your desired preferences and outcome. Additionally, our objectives derive from our brand pillars of TrustReliabilityAccessibility, and Community. In addition, we build lasting relationships with our customers, we are here for you whenever you need. 

International Service

Although our headquarters is based in Hong Kong and have offices in Thailand, we provide trading and liquidity solutions to customers internationally. In addition, we have worked with satisfied customers in Asia, the Americas, Australia, Europe, and Africa. 

Supported Digital Assets

We support all major fiat currencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, BNB, Tether, Binance Coin, Paxos, Litecoin, among other major Cryptocurrencies.

Our Fees

Our fees are highly competitive and in line with industry standards. To see an exact breakdown, please use the following link to our Help Centre below.