Today, we are excited to announce a partnership with MANTRA DAO, an exciting new DeFi platform that is governed by the community. With our partnership with MANTRA DAO, we will provide OM users with an ability to offload OM. Our trusted OTC platform and long-term experience in the crypto industry will ensure the best execution of the OM tokens allowing the MANTRA DAO platform to continue on striving. Moreover, Genesis Block is also a trusted strategic advisor and investor to MANTRA DAO’s platform. At Genesis Block, we will continue to promote and encourage platforms that we believe will bring mass adoption to the crypto community. We are excited to see what the MANTRA DAO platform will bring for our community.

The MANTRA DAO Platform

The platform was created by the MANTRA DAO Foundation which hopes to create a fully integrated decentralized financial ecosystem built on interoperable technologies and controlled by the public. Built on the Rio Chain, the MANTRAO DAO platform will allow users to have easy access to assets on the Polkadot ecosystem. To ensure that the platform runs smoothly, the MANTRA DAO Foundation was created to maintain and overwatch the platform. 

Moreover, the foundation plays an important role in assisting OM token holders. OM token holders will also be able to participate and make decisions that will affect the parameter of the system. Users who participate will also be rewarded with OM tokens and also provided various economic incentives. To further support the platform, the platform has its own protocol known as the Karma Protocol. This Protocol assesses the participants’ behavior within the ecosystem while also tracking OM holder’s performance.

The OM Token

The MANTRA DAO platform also has its own native cryptocurrency, the OM token. The OM token plays an important role in facilitating the proper functioning of the platform. Users who own and stake the token are able to participate in the governance of the ecosystem. They will be able to make proposals and also vote for changes in the ecosystem, making it a completely community-based DeFi platform! To make the platform even more interesting, the platform has launched multiple services that utilize the OM token. These services include staking, lending, voting, grants, pooling, and custody.

The Competitive Advantage of the Platform

Currently being built to run on the Rio Chain, the MANTRA DAO platform has a transaction per second (tps) of 3000 on PoA. Additionally, the block creation time is 2 seconds which is 300 times faster than Bitcoin’s block creation time at 10 minutes. The MANTRA DAO platform is transforming the traditional DeFi industry with faster tps and block creation. The platform is definitely something to look forward to as the DeFi industry continues to bloom.

About Genesis Block HK

Genesis Block is a premier OTC trading center for all digital assets. With the head office in the financial hub of Asia, Hong Kong, the company is backed by a team of financial professionals and industry leaders with prominent experience. The company serves clients globally and continues to grow rapidly by day. With an eager vision to make all digital assets widely available. Genesis Block also operates the largest digital asset ATM machines in Asia through the company’s subsidiary, CoinHere. Having over 40 commercial-scale crypto farms in the Asia-Pacific region, the company has pioneered in the crypto-space and wishes to one day bring mass adoption to cryptocurrencies. 

At Genesis Block, we pride ourselves on the trust and goodwill we foster with our clients. We believe that transparency and honesty are fundamental to Genesis Block’s continued success. We will always be upfront and truthful regarding all information we provide and our service fees. Above all else, we are entrusted by our clients as we have a strong emphasis on safety and privacy with our client’s data.


MANTRA DAO is an up and coming DeFi platform. The wide range of services that MANTRA DAO provides allows users to have easy access to all types of DeFi services. By leveraging the wisdom of the community, it creates a transparent and decentralized ecosystem for users. The platform is built on the Rio Blockchain for the Polkadot ecosystem and focuses on specific services like Staking, Lending, Governance, and more.

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