Today, we are excited to introduce to you one of the biggest disruptors in the DeFi revolution. The ever growing need for DeFi platforms has sparked the creation of numerous platforms but many of which create little to no-value to the industry. With strong hopes in bringing value to the DeFi ecosystem, one of our core team members of Linear.Finance, Kevin, will share our vision for Linear Finance.

The Goal of Linear

The goal of Linear Finance is to provide users with a convenient, transparent, cost-efficient, and cross-chain compatible experience to synthetic assets with infinite liquidity and no slippage. 

All of this is achieved with the first of its kind, cross-chain compatible synthetic asset protocol. So we utilize our partner’s blockchains as a complete scaling solution to the existing Ethereum platform’s scaling and high gas fee issues. 

Advantages of Linear.Finance

Our platform will have the following competitive advantages:

  • Near instant settlement and faster transaction
  • Cost efficient, allowing users to reduce gas fees
  • Fast price discovery from oracles, reducing chances of front-running

Cross-Chain Compatibility

Ultimately, we hope to remove as much friction and systematic risk out of the system. To create one of the most efficient and transparent delta-one asset trading protocols.  

With our cross-chain compatibility feature, it will also bring users numerous additional benefits. We welcome you to join our Telegram or Discord groups for discussion. The links to the groups are below:


Discord Group:

Public Sale of $LINA

Lastly, we will be announcing our Public Sale Listing details shortly. So be sure to stay tuned! If you would like to learn more about Linear.Finance, feel free to take a look at our whitepaper:

New call-to-action

Linear Finance is proud to welcome you to the DeFI revolution.       

So if you’d like to learn more, definitely checkout: https://Linear.Finance  


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