How to Setup Your First Bitcoin Wallet (using Trust Wallet)

How to Setup Your First Bitcoin Wallet (using Trust Wallet)

In this video, we will walk you through the process of how to setup your first Bitcoin Wallet (using Trust Wallet). Trust Wallet allows users to send, receive, and store cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain. This is a great way for users to store their private keys on their devices.

Below are the step by step process of setting up your Trust Wallet:

STEP 1: Download Trust Wallet’s App

  • Download the Trust Wallet App via the App Store. There are many alternatives that all require this same steps outlined in this tutorial. 

STEP 2: Create A Wallet

  • Create a wallet within the app. Creating a wallet in any digital wallet app follows this same process. 

STEP 3: Write Down Recovery Words

  • Write down your recovery words in case you lose your linked device. These 12 words and the order they are in, is essential to any Digital Wallet. These 12 words allow for you to recover your funds should the device you’ve set your wallet on ever become lost, broken, or otherwise compromised. 

STEP 4: Save/Store Your Recovery Words

  • Be sure to write them in the right order and store them somewhere safe. Again the order of these 12 words is paramount to being able to effectively recover your funds should the need ever arise. You may wish to laminate the paper you write or print these words out on. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure you store these 12 words in the most secure location possible. 

STEP 5: Enter Recovery Phrase

  • Once that is complete, re-enter the code to verify your recovery phrase. It’s a requirement that you enter the 12 words in exactly the same order as they were given when you setup the app. 

STEP 6: Success!

  • Congrats, you’ve successfully set up your wallet and you’re now ready to send, receive, and trade Cryptos!

STEP 7: Enable Notifications

  • You may wish to enable notifications to see events that happen in the app such as receiving payments. 

STEP 8: Adding Tokens

  • The app comes with default tokens (Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB), you may also add additional tokens by tapping the plus symbol in the corner. After tapping the “+” symbol you’ll see a list of cryptocurrencies Trust Wallet app supports. To add a new cryptocurrency all you need to do is toggle the far right column on the row of the cryptocurrency you wish to add.  

That wraps it up for the process of how to setup your first Bitcoin Wallet (using Trust Wallet). Let us know if you have any questions or comments via our email.

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