How to Secure Your Email and Devices

How to Secure Your Email and Devices

In this Tutorial, we talk about how you can secure your email and devices. It is important that you have control over your email account, so that hackers cannot steal your information or use your accounts. We log into our email on multiple devices pretty regularly, but many of us don’t check which devices are accessible by other people. The more devices you log onto the more risk you’re at to potential security threats. By securing your devices with 2FA and regularly checking which devices log onto your email, you can minimize the risks from this exposure. 

Below is the step-by-step process of how to secure your email and devices:


  • Login in to your email account that you would like to secure. Make sure you log on at a secure device and location. 


  • Go to account settings and then click on security. 


  •  Make sure that you link this account to your phone for recovery. 


  • Check the devices that can log into your email. Make sure that only devices you recognize can log in.


  • If you notice any devices that are questionable, remove them. It’s important to only allow access to devices that you recognize and are sure about. 


  • Make sure to check your security page occasionally to ensure that there are not any suspicious devices. Simply put run through this process every so often to ensure you aren’t logged in on any unsafe or questionable devices.  

We hope this was helpful for you! Let us know if you have any comments or questions via our email.  

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