In this video, we go through the steps of making a memorable and secure password. It is essential for you to create a secure password in order to protect your digital properties from potential security threats. 

The password description should take the form of a memorable key phrase, usually a combination of both lower case and uppercase letters and numbers. These can include your mother’s birthday, high school girlfriend’s name, childhood pet, grandmother’s maiden name and etc. 

Below are the step by step process of setting up a secure password:

STEP 1: Find a Secure Storage Device

  • Prepare your devices and find a secure location to store your password key phrases. These key phrases will act as an encryption key that only you will know how to decipher. It’s important to NEVER write down your Master Password in any location. 

STEP 2: Find a Secure Application to Store Information

  • Find somewhere safe to store your password information on your device of choice. It’s important to make sure this device is kept in a secure location as well as the Master Password key phrases being stored in a secure folder within that device. However, even if someone were to discover your Key Phrases, it should be near impossible for them to readily decipher it unless they know very personal information about you. 

STEP 3: Create Your Key Phrases

  • Create your password using memorable key phrases. For this example we chose to use “Mother’s Birthday” using parenthesis to identify the date’s format. 
  • It’s important to include the “+” symbol in your key phrase descriptions as we will actually use this in your Master Password. 
  • For the second key phrase we chose “High School Girlfriend” with “lowercase” in parenthesis to indicate the form and another “+” symbol. 
  • Next we chose “Childhood Pet” again with “lowercase” in parenthesis to indicate the form. 
  • Finally, we chose “Grandmother’s Maiden Name” with “All Caps” in parenthesis to indicate the form. Please note that you shouldn’t include anything in parenthesis in your Master Password decryption.  
  • This is just an example of key phrases you could use, but whatever you chose it should be personal information that is not public domain.

We hope this video helped you to create a secure password! Let us know if you have any questions or comments via our email.

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