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Hong Kong’s ATV Launches NFT Drama Series

Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based TV production company AMM Global and Phoenix Waters Productions have announced “Crypto Keepers,” which they claim will be Asia’s first NFT drama series. AMM Global is a TV production and investment company spun out of Hong Kong’s Asia Television (ATV). 

The drama is planned to shoot across multiple countries, with figures in the cryptocurrency space appearing on the show. As an English and Cantonese language hybrid series, it will be presented as 12 episodes and delivered in 2022. The project is co-financed by Phoenix Waters Productions, Hong Kong-based asset management firm YG Capital, and AMM Global.

According to Variety’s report, Hong Kong-based blockchain technology developer CryptoBLK is “responsible for developing the series as an NFT”. 

“NFTs can strengthen viewers’ relationship with the show so that they engage with its characters and ecosystem after the show’s run time,” Bizhan Tong, senior executive at AMM, founder of Phoenix Waters, told Variety. 


Katy Perry to offer NFTs via Theta Labs

Additionally, CryptoBLK has partnered with the two production companies to convert gameshow “Blockchained!” into an NFT. “This is a pioneering endeavor towards creating NFTs which bring drama series and game shows to a new high level of interaction with viewers,” said CryptoBLK CEO Duncan Wong.

On the other hand, global pop superstar Katy Perry has announced the launch of her first NFTs in collaboration with Theta Network. Perry would make NFTs of her performances available on the network. She will also take an undisclosed stake in the company, Theta Labs. 

Founded by Mitch Liu and Jieyi Long, Theta Network underpins a peer-to-peer video streaming network. Theta Network rewards its users in exchange for unused bandwidth with its native token THETA.  

“A heavy viewer can get $5-$10 a month,” Liu told Bloomberg in a recent interview. Theta Network has received backing from Sony Group Corp. and Samsung Electronics Co.