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Genesis Block x Boxmining

Genesis Block x Boxmining: Genesis Block is excited to announce the appointment of our Strategic Advisor, Michael Gu of Boxmining. He is one of the leading experts in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. His Boxmining website and YouTube channel provides the latest insights and resources on digital assets, decentralized finance and blockchain technology. as well as educational resources. They are all suitable for complete beginners to seasoned enthusiasts. The YouTube platform alone has grown into a leading resource with over 216,000 subscribers and 21 million views. In addition, all of his channels make Boxmining the leading one-stop ecosystem for anyone interested in crypto and wish to stay ahead with the latest trends.

The collaboration of Genesis Block x Boxmining creates content and exchange information on the crypto industry and digital assets. Our collaboration is one step further in building a bigger and better crypto community in Hong Kong. You can keep up with our updates by following our social media channels.  

About Michael

Boxmining was founded by Michael Gu and started on YouTube as a passion project. And Boxmining has now grown to be a top informational resource in the realm of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. The creation of Boxmining was to bring unbiased and accurate information to the community as Michael noticed such information is hard to come by. What also makes Boxmining so unique? As it is able to close the knowledge gap between China and the West, bringing you the full global image of the crypto space.

The founder, Michael, has involved in the digital asset and blockchain space since 2012. He started his journey with Bitcoin mining in grad school. Over the years, Michael built up immense experience and through his hard work and dedication to the industry. He has developed a solid reputation as an analyst in this space. Also, he was featured in various international media, such as Forbes, Cointelegraph, TechBullion, Disrupt Magazine and on China’s Phoenix TV. But his ambition was by no means satisfied. He wants to share his crypto journey and insights, hoping to bring more attention to this space. Hence he created a YouTube channel called, Boxmining.

About Boxmining

Boxmining YouTube posts videos covering topics on the latest cryptocurrency trends, interesting projects, collaborations with other crypto leaders, and educational guides. It goes live every Monday and Friday at 3:00 am (UTC), with other content during the week as well. 

Boxmining.com is a complement to the Boxmining YouTube channel. It gives Michael the platform to cover wider topics with more detail. It is suitable for crypto enthusiasts to consume more in-depth insights and reviews on cryptocurrency, trends, products etc.. Even those who are newer can find the guidance on how to get started. The website relies on Michael and his team of talented contributors to provide the latest breaking news and insights. 

Besides the Boxmining website, YouTube channel, you can also follow them on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep up with the latest updates. Michael also firmly believes in the power of community building. His Telegram and Discord channels are a global place where he and other cryptocurrency enthusiasts can share and grow their knowledge together. 

Genesis Block is a premier OTC trading center for digital assets. Our head office’s location is in Hong Kong, the financial hub of Asia. The company has the backing from a team of financial professionals and industry leaders with notable experience. The company provides services to clients globally and continues to grow rapidly around the globe, with the vision to make digital assets more accessible to all. Genesis Block also operates the largest digital asset ATM machines in Asia through the company’s subsidiary, CoinHere. With over 40 commercial-scale crypto farms in the Asia-Pacific region, the company is a pioneer in the crypto space. We hope one day will bring cryptocurrencies to mainstream adoption.

We believe transparency and honesty are pivotal to sustaining our clients’ successes. So we will always be upfront and truthful regarding the information we provide and our service fees to you. Above all else we are trusted because of our emphasis on safety and the privacy we provide our clients and their data. 

Building a strong crypto community is one of our focuses. Here at Genesis Block, we believe people can make great success in the crypto space if they are surrounded by like-minded people and immense resources. We built our communities to share the most up-to-date information on various social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, and WeChat. 

As the crypto industry is very young and unknown by the public in Hong Kong, we are strived to help the public to understand more about cryptocurrency. Therefore we created the Crypto Classroom. It is a digital learning hub that provides mostly beginner level content that covers bitcoin and blockchain foundations and more. You can find Crypto Classroom contents on the Genesis Block website, Facebook, and our YouTube channels, which cater both Cantonese and English audience. We also create a Trader Insight series every week on our Cantonese YouTube channel for our advanced enthusiasts.

We hope that the collaboration of Genesis Block x Boxmining will bring the community to a new stage! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at help@genesisblockhk.com.


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