Genesis Block X Alameda Research

Today, Genesis Block is thrilled to announce a partnership with Alameda Research, a leading quantitative trading firm. Alameda was founded back in October of 2017, with renowned expertise from both Wall Street and the Silicon Valley. Alameda Research currently trades billions of dollars in transactions each day and manages over 100 million in digital assets. With their advantage in trading, OTC quoting, and market making, they are able to provide top-tier services for users. 

Alameda Research also incubated the widely popular and upcoming crypto-derivatives exchange, FTX. The exchange provides innovative products that include industry-first derivatives, options, volatility products and leveraged tokens. 

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Genesis Block X Alameda Research Partnership

Through this partnership, Genesis Block will be able to provide a new OTC portal and RFQ system for clients. Moreover, Alameda Research will also provide the technology that acts as the backbone for Genesis Block’s new OTC portal and RFQ system. With the recent millions of dollars of investment by Alameda Research, Genesis Block will be able to provide clients with a cutting-edge online OTC portal allowing clients to trade 24/7 with ease. Additionally, we’ll use this investment  to design Genesis Block’s RFQ system that will enhance the client’s experience in trading cryptocurrencies. We are happy to provide more access for the public to trade cryptocurrencies while also reshaping the existing cryptocurrency trading landscape with our revolutionary technology. 

In addition, this partnership provides a platform for Genesis Block to enhance and improve their service offerings. Genesis Block’s dedication to providing access to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies to as many people as possible is a cornerstone of the brand. This partnership with Alameda Research will allow Genesis Block to start delivering on this promise at a scale that was previously not possible. Alongside the technology facet of this partnership, an underlying goal is to educate the public on how to use these tools safely and fuel mass adoption for Bitcoin and Cryptos as a whole.

About Genesis Block

Genesis Block is a premier OTC trading center for digital assets. With our head office’s location in Hong Kong, the financial hub of Asia, the company has the backing from a team of financial professionals and industry leaders with notable experience. The company provides services to clients globally and continues to grow rapidly. With the vision to make digital assets more accessible to all. Genesis Block also operates the largest digital asset ATM machines in Asia through the company’s subsidiary, CoinHere. With over 40 commercial-scale crypto farms in the Asia-Pacific region, the company is a pioneer in the crypto-space and hopes to one day bring mainstream adoption to cryptocurrencies. The firm has also retained wide-publicity with major media outlets, including but not limited to: CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Business Insider, Forbes, CNN, TVB, Washington Post, The New York Times, and more! 

We pride ourselves on the trust and goodwill we harbour with our clients. Our belief is that transparency and honesty are pivotal to sustainable success. So we will always be upfront and truthful regarding the information we provide and our service fees. Above all else we are trusted because of our emphasis on safety and the privacy we provide our clients and their data. 

Hand in hand with the trust we build, we have a commitment to our reliability. So no matter who or where you are, you can count on us to provide immaculate service. Furthermore, the consistent quality of our service and the dependability of our team is paramount to what we believe is good business.

About Alameda Research

Alameda Research is a leading quantitative trading firm with presence in Hong Kong, Japan and the United States. The firm has a full-scale global operation with the capability to trade on every major exchange and markets. The firm is backed by an experienced team coming from Jane Street, Optiver, Susquehanna, Facebook, and Google. With such expertise, the firm has built several sophisticated leading trading systems in the crypto-space.

About FTX

FTX is an upcoming cryptocurrency exchange built for traders. The exchange offers innovative products that include derivatives, options, volatility products, and leverage tokens. The exchange hopes to provide a platform that is capable for professional trading firms and instinctual for first-time users. The firm also has a wide range of partnerships and collaborations with leading cryptocurrency firms, including but not limited to: Binance, Circle, Alameda Research, True USD, Paxos PAX, Fenwick and West, HUSD, Proof of Capital, Consensus Lab, Galois Capital, Bitfinex, FBG Capital, and more. 

Thanks for reading our article on our Genesis Block X Alameda Research partnership. If you would like to keep up to date with our new announcements, partnerships, and collaborations subscribe below. 


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