Genesis Block HK Important Announcement

This is an important announcement from Genesis Block HK. 

We have received a number of feedback through a customer service website that incorrectly links other companies, investors, products, or services to Genesis Block HK. We wish to clarity and remind everyone of the following: 

  1. The official website of our company, Genesis Block HK, is “”, not “” or “”. Our company is in no way, shape, or form related with “Genesis Block” ( or “Genesis Trading” (, nor do we endorse their products/services. Our company has no connection whatsoever with the operations and activities taken or to be taken by any person or entity referred to or in connection with the unrelated websites. Clients and the public are hereby advised not to confuse our company with the unrelated websites.
  2. Our business comprises OTC/proprietary trading, investments, and community building. Our head office is located in Hong Kong.
  3. Our company and our management are in no way affiliated with Digital Currency Group or its founder and CEO Barry Silbert.
  4. Our company has not offered any mobile applications for our clients.
  5. At Genesis Block HK, our belief is that transparency and honesty are pivotal to sustainable success. So we will always be upfront and truthful regarding the information we provide and our service fees. Above all else, we are trusted because of our emphasis on safety and the privacy we provide our clients and their data. We have provided best-in-class trading and liquidity solutions to customers internationally, and worked with satisfied clients in Asia, the Americas, Australia, Europe, and Africa. 
  6. We strongly disclaim any feedback or allegations of service experience unrelated to our services and business.


We hereby solemnly declared to set the records straight.

If you would like further information concerning this matter, please contact us at (+852) 3996 9561 or email us at

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