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Genesis Block engages the community via hosting frequent educational events – our speakers are renowned experts and successful business partners who are respected in this increasingly lucrative market.  Genesis Block has rapidly grown and established its reputation as Hong Kong’s leading digital asset community, where newcomers and veterans alike gather to network, exchange knowledge, and deepen everyone’s understanding of the industry.

Bitcoin Cash Community Building Meet-up! @ Garden Meow
27th February 2019 (Wed)

Monthly Meetup at Lotus
28th February 2019 (Wed)

How to Trade and Invest in Altcoins?
1st March 2019 (Fri)

Ledger Nano S 教學工作坊 (粵語)
7th March 2019 (Thur)

Aaron’s Little Bitfilm Show
18th March 2019 (Mon)

Lightning Hackday – Meetup
29th March 2019 (Fri)

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