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DC Comics to Join NFT Mania with Digital Batman

Batman Collectible

DC Comics is the latest big-name brand to ride on the NFT (non-fungible token) wave with its iconic Batman character. The comic industry giant is leveraging the new category of art to generate consumer goods and collectibles. 

Per the official announcement, Veve collectibles will be working with DC Comics to launch the NFTs representing Batman Black and White digital statuses. 

Last week, an NFT artwork featuring DC Comics legend character Wonder Woman generated a total of $1.85 million in gross sales, amid the recent explosion in interest around NFT art collectibles. José Delbo, a former DC and Marvel comics artist, and crypto artist Hackatao, produced the artwork.

In response to the NFT craze, DC Comics has reportedly sent out a letter to the creative teams and freelancers employed by the firm. It appears that the comics publisher doesn’t want artists using its intellectual property (IP) in the form of NFTs. 

“As DC examines the complexities of the NFT marketplace… please note that the offering for sale of any digital images featuring DC’s intellectual property with or without NFTs… is not permitted.” DC Comics Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs Jay Kogan wrote in the letter.


Wonder Woman Crypto Artwork NFT Sold

Kogan said DC Comics has its own plans to enter the NFT space and is currently exploring opportunities to enter the market: “Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are becoming the newest fan collectibles and have generated significant press and buzz in the digital space. DC is exploring opportunities to enter the market for the distribution and sale of original DC digital art with NFTs including both new art created specifically for the NFT market, as well as original digital art rendered for DC’s comic book publications.”

NFTs are blockchain-based records that uniquely represent true ownership of a digital good – can be anything digital, including art, videos, music, GIFs, games, and text. NFTs are characterized by their unique qualities, as well as authenticity. They contain highly trustworthy documentation of their history and origin.

Recently NFTs have become a craze with millions of dollars being spent on rare or desirable digital artworks. On Thursday, a piece of digital artwork or NFT by crypto artist Beeple was sold for a record $69.3 million by the auction house Christie’s.