Crypto OTC Trading safe secure Genesis Block HK

Crypto OTC Trading: Safe and Secure!

Crypto OTC Trading safe secure Genesis Block HK

With Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) surging to record highs, the cryptocurrency market has welcomed a massive inflow of passionate investors. In Hong Kong, recent news about an investor got robbed during a personal-face-to-face trade, serves as a reminder for investors about why you should trade over-the-counter (OTC)!

According to a local media report (English) a Bitcoin seller in Hong Kong was robbed of HK$3 million while meeting up the buyer.

Don’t risk your life for crypto trading! If you want to buy or sell a large amount of cryptocurrencies, among various ways available in the market, e.g. online exchanges, ATMs, over-the-counter (OTC) trading, which provides you safe and secure service, is definitely your right choice.

Man robbed of HK$3m cash selling bitcoins Hong Kong

Why Choose Over-The-Counter (OTC) Service?

A professional OTC service operator requires a KYC procedure for clients to ensure compliance with AML/KYC and other requirements. This eliminates transaction fraud risk, thereby protecting the interests of all clients.

Safe and secure transactions are one of the greatest appeals of OTC. Professional operators and traders will serve in trading through the OTC desk. You do not have to risk yourself for suspicious face-to-face settlement of crypto transactions. All communications will be private and encrypted with the best technologies.

OTC trading service is especially suitable for large orders that might be too disruptive if placed on open markets at the exchanges. For example, if you want to sell 10 Bitcoins or even more through an online exchange in one go, this would affect your transaction price, which is clearly not ideal for you.

In contrast, OTC trading services offer you access to deep liquidity pools, with an experienced team of financial professionals providing you high-touch service at every step, from the consultation all the way through to trade execution. 

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Genesis Block is Asia’s leading over-the-counter (OTC) center for digital assets. For years, Genesis Block’s OTC has provided trusted private service to institutional investors and high-net worth individuals. We offer tailor made solutions in trading, discreet execution and settlement services best suited to your needs on an individual level. We pride ourselves with our seamless trading experience and extensive customer support.

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