What is MahaDao?

What is MahaDao? To answer that question, let’s first address the problem. With the growing centralization of power, more and more people are losing their purchasing power. Ever since the Federal Reserve was freed from the constraints of pegging their “paper” currency to gold. The money supply has been constantly expanding. There have been obvious signs of the dollar losing anywhere between 50-100% of their value in the last few decades. I mean just compare Bitcoin to USD, the loss of purchasing power of the USD has become PERMANENT.

Automata 网络:为 DeFi 项目而设的去中心化私隐保障技术

In order to solve all this chronic decline in purchasing power and decentralization of money. The ARTH ecosystem built upon MakerDAO’s concept of DAI has pioneered new mechanisms. This new coin is both value-stable and includes a raw measure of an asset’s buying power. This decentralized algorithm value-stable coin known as ARTH hopes to maintain and even appreciate the buying power or value of the coin in which the market moves towards. 

ARTH is able to do this as it is backed by stable collaterals in which stable coins are able to appreciate/depreciate accordingly to keep the buying power of the coin stable. The coin will also use a special method of measuring an asset’s buying power to ensure that it has no peg to any fiat currencencies. This ensures ARTH to be inflation-proof.

So What is MahaDAO?

So before going deeper into what ARTH is able to accomplish, what is MahaDAO? MahaDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization governed by the MAHA community. In this community, MAHA token holders make all the decisions and play a centralized role fulfilling MahaDAO’s true potential. Within the MahaDAO ecosystem, there are two main tokens which include MAHA and ARTH. 

What’s MAHA?

MAHA is the governance token of the MahaDAO ecosystem. The name, MAHA, signifies supreme, magnanimous, greater than itself characteristic, which is what the governance token embodies. Community members can use MAHA to vote on crucial aspects within the ecosystem to collectively manage the parameters and keep ARTH stable and in check! In short, the MahaDAO gets its direction from MAHA token holders, who will then determine which various activities and updates need to occur within the ARTH ecosystem. The primary use of the MAHA token holders will be to ensure the stability of the ARTH valuecoin. 

What is ARTH?

ARTH is the valuecoin of the MahaDAO ecosystem. ARTH is the world’s FIRST valuecoin. This means that every time users stake their volatile collaterals in a CDP, they can generate more value stable ARTH coins. ARTH is the absolute unit of measure used to maintain the buying power of the token holder depending on the direction of the market. ARTH is a viable successor to stablecoins, which in themselves are depreciating.

Wait but what is a valuecoin? And also how does ARTH ensure the value remains stable?

To put it very simply, a valuecoin is a currency that is stable not in its price but in value. As opposed to a stablecoin, a valuecoin never erodes its intrinsic buying power. So for example a cup of coffee costs 2 ARTH today, it would cease to cost higher in the future. This means that it will still cost 2 ARTH 5 years, 10 years, and more down the line. 

The team at MahaDAO reengineered the reserve vault introduced by MakerDAO. The vault will act as a regulator which will help manage the underlying collaterals locked in, used to generate and back the ARTH token. The vault system is the backbone of ARTH and is built to combat the undesired depreciation and eroding of hard-earned savings. 

With the growth of the ecosystem, ARTH will also receive backing by a large number of assets with new combinations! You will be able to sit back and watch peacefully not having to worry about the direction the underlying collateral will move towards as ARTH appreciates. 

So what are some features, value propositions, and use cases?

Zero Transaction Fees:

One of the use cases on the MahaDAO ecosystem is that users are able to freely send and receive ARTH without any transaction fees. MahaDAO is deployed fully on the Matic Network precisely so that users can benefit from zero transaction costs. They eliminate gas fees on the platform so that users can build tools confidently. 

Light Speed Transactions:

One of the biggest issues that DeFi attempts to solve is the slow transaction confirmation on the Blockchain. MahaDAO stepped up to solve this issue to make Arthcoin transactions much faster. The average time it will take to transact ARTH will be less than 3 seconds. The ultimate goal is to provide translation speeds that are among the lowest in the industry. 

Easy to Understand UX:

As seen with many DeFi and non-crypto projects, many projects tend to sacrifice the user’s experience in exchange for ground-breaking concepts. At ARTH, MahaDAO ensures not to just create a disruptive system but also a simple onboarding process for users. The products built by the MahaDAO community will always have a common denominator which will help create a seamless user experience. 

A Way to Transact:

With the features mentioned above, ARTH has been created for the purpose of not just a store of value but also a transaction currency. The token allows users to have the ability to transact at lightning fast speeds, anytime, anywhere in the world with 0 transaction fees.

For and by the community:

The MAHA community serves a vital role in the MAHA ecosystem. As mentioned earlier, the community has power to make decisions at the best interest of the platform. MAHA represents the commitment to a community-led and self-governing infrastructure while also upholding the core tenets of autonomy and self-sustainability.

Token Allocation:

The MahaDAO platform shares its community ownership through its governance system. Built on the core principles of impartiality and trust, governance plays a crucial role in the continual development of the MAHA universe. Additionally, a draft for a range of incentives to ensure that the community receives rewards for being part of the MahaDAO journey is in place. 

Liquidity Mining:

The MahaDAO Liquidity Mining Program is an incentivized, community-focused approach to market making which will reward those providing liquidity with MAHA tokens. The MahaDAO’s Liquidity Farming program follows an exponential distribution of MAHA rewards. Early liquidity miners can reap the most rewards, so the earlier you are a part of the program the more rewards you earn!

The Governance Portal:

The MAHA governance portal is a place where all major decisions about the protocol will be made. MAHA is the governance token that will allow the community to vote on different aspects of the ecosystem and ensure its decentralization. The MAHA token holders will have numerous responsibilities apart from just ensuring the stability of ARTH.


MahaDAO’s platform is always looking for new community members to help develop its platform to its fullest potential. By being a part of the ecosystem early on, you will be a pioneer and helping to develop a gaming-changing solution. This platform will be something to look out for with the continuous help from new community members! If you wish to learn more about MahaDAO, feel free to check them out here.

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