Genesis Block and FTX

Today, we are happy to announce a collaboration between Genesis Block and FTX! We will be carrying their token, FTT through Genesis Block’s subsidiary, CoinHere. As the largest Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ATM operators in Asia, we are ecstatic to bring FTT to the mainstream and make more cryptocurrency accessible for all.

With over 40 ATMs in Asia in prime locations in Hong Kong and Taiwan, we can make FTT available 24/7 for everyone. It has been our long-term objective to build up the Cryptocurrency community and to provide a platform for mass adoption. Note: The minimum buy for the usage of the ATMs is HK$500 (US$64.5).

The collaboration with FTT presents a monumental step for our cryptocurrency community as it demonstrates increasing accessibility of cryptocurrencies for all.

Genesis Block and CoinHere ATM Service

The mission of Genesis Block and CoinHere has always been to fuel the mass adoption of digital assets in everyday lives. We provide ATM services to facilitate the quick and easy access to buying and selling digital assets. Moreover, we are also professionals in advising retail and helping online merchants to set up their POS solutions to accept crypto payment.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ATMs serve as a crucial step for the continual development of the cryptocurrency space. The low barriers to entry and most transactions occurring via cash is also significant as it takes into consideration for the 1.7 billion underbanked and unbanked people in the world. In addition, this demographic of people would otherwise have no access to financial markets of any form. Furthermore, of those 1.7 billion people, most have cell phones and access to the internet. Therefore we believe Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ATMs are a vessel for financial freedom.

What is FTT?

FTT is the native token to FTX,  one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The FTT token acts as a backbone to the FTX ecosystem. This Cryptocurrency is also written following the ERC20 guidelines allowing it to be listed on other exchanges. The design of this token is to intricately increase network effects and demands for the token and to decrease its circulating supply. So FTT is emerging at the top, currently ranks 34th in the cryptocurrency market cap. By holding the FTT token, users will also receive discounts on FTX trading fees, FTX OTC, and other privileges.

Read more about FTT Here.

What is FTX?

FTX is one of the top cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges in the world. The platform is built by traders and used by traders. The platform hopes to create a platform that is capable of professional trading while also maintaining ease for first-time users. FTX is a major supporter for all major cryptocurrencies, leveraged tokens, futures, and OTC.

Read more about FTX Here.


With the technology behind CoinHere’s ATM network and the expertise coming in from Genesis Block, we are proud to make FTT more accessible to everyone. CoinHere has one of the largest Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency ATM networks in Asia and it is still rapidly growing! We are happy to see the public’s excitement towards FTT being available at our ATMs.


We have over 40 locations in Hong Kong and Taiwan

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