C 朗、沙拿 NFT!英超联赛研究与加密货币平台发行 NFT

Premier League NFT crypto

As NFT enters the professional sports world, the English Premier League is considering partnerships with a NFT crypto platform. Beyond issuing official NFTs, they will also study the sponsorships and links between Premier League clubs and crypto platforms. According to The Times, the Premier League recently met with fan representatives to discuss the League’s potential […]

香港加密货币独角兽! Amber 伙 Alameda 投资 DeFi 平台 1inch

1inch defi amber hong kong crypto

Amber Group, a Hong Kong cryptocurrency unicorn, leads an investment in the decentralized exchange 1inch. Other investors include FTX founder’s company Alameda, trading firm Jane Street, ETF company VanEck, crypto fund Fenbushi, among others. Decentralized token exchange (DEX) platform 1inch Network aggregates the trading offers from other DEX platforms. 1inch provides users with the most […]

分析 Twitter 创办人 Jack Dorsey 离职 3 大原因!对比特币市场的影响?

Jack Dorsey twitter bitcoin square

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey announces his resignation as CEO. What’s the reason behind Dorsey’s departure? Will Dorsey turn to bitcoin and the DeFi field? What impact will Dorsey bring to the crypto market? Jack Dorsey founded Twitter as early as 2006. In addition to serving as Twitter CEO, Dorsey also founded payment technology firm Square. […]

币安得罪方丈?赵长鹏 CZ 批评中国投资者:投机炒卖盲目跟风

CZ Binance

Is Binance abandoning China’s crypto market? Binance founder Changpeng Zhao criticized Chinese crypto investors for speculation, blindly following others, with no prior research. Changpeng Zhao’s statement may reflect the status of Binance’s fundraising and headquarters plan. Changpeng Zhao (CZ), founder and CEO of the world’s largest crypto exchange, told Forbes about Binance’s market strategy. On […]


bitcoin crypto mining China

As the top spot of the China’s bitcoin miner exodus, Kazakhstan has seen an inflow of crypto miners. However, this triggers a power outage in the nation. With the energy crises, will these crypto-friendly countries change their stances on bitcoin and crypto? The Chinese government severely cracked down on bitcoin (BTC) mining and trading activities. […]

华尔街大行买比特币!摩根士丹利增持 GBTC

wall street bitcoin gbtc morgan stanley

What’s next for bitcoin’s prices? Wall Street is piling into bitcoin with investment bank giant Morgan Stanley adding GBTC holding in the third quarter. Morgan Stanley doubling down on bitcoin and GBTC may be the signal for bitcoin’s prices. Wall Street giant Morgan Stanley has revealed some of its institutional funds added bitcoin (BTC) exposure. […]

币安融资新进展? CZ 赵长鹏为何与马斯克对骂狗狗币?

Elon Musk Binance CZ Dogecoin

Binance CEO is in a war against “Dogecoin CEO” Elon Musk, over the Dogecoin wallet and withdrawal issues. Changpeng Zhao (CZ) is reportedly about to close the investment deal with sovereign funds, and the headquarters plan. Elon Musk, the world’s biggest crypto influencer, blamed Binance on Twitter for suspending Dogecoin‘s withdrawal service: “What’s going on […]

求职?请人!花旗聘请 100 员工建加密货币部门

Citi crypto Wall Street

Crypto is staying! Wall Street bank Citigroup announces it will hire 100 additional staffers to expand Citi’s blockchain and cryptocurrency department. Citi plans to invest in cryptocurrency trading services, focusing on investment and commercial institutions. Citi plans to recruit more talents in the next few months, mainly in the corporate division. Additionally, Citi has appointed […]

基金大鳄转投 AVAX?三箭资本 Zhu Su 批评以太坊高 Gas 费赶客

Zhu Su 3AC Three Arrows Capital ETH AVAX

Cryptocurrency fund Three Arrows Capital’s Zhu Su teases to abandon Ethereum for its gas fee problem. Its founder Zhu Su, also an Avalanche supporter, criticizes Ethereum’s gas fee problem on Twitter. Additionally, Zhu Su suggests that founders of DeFi platforms in the Ethereum ecosystem have forgotten their original goal. Zhu Su founded crypto hedge fund […]