Pendle Finance ($XYT): DeFi 未来收益代币交易平台

What is Pendle Finance? To answer that, let’s start by addressing the problem. The past year has been one of true creation of economic value through DeFi. Various lending platforms, smart pools, and on-chain strategies are on the rise providing users with real-economic value. All these platforms have their own role in the DeFi ecosystem, […]

DeFi 热潮吸引 VC 重金投资初创

DeFi Startups

The market has seen venture capitalists writing big checks for startups in the crypto and DeFi space. Blockchain service and stablecoin provider Paxos has raised $300 million from PayPal Ventures and others. Also, Ethereum scaling solution provider Polygon launches a $150 million fund to support DeFi adoption. Is the 2021 fundraising season underway? Paxos, the […]