Alkemi 网络 ($ALK):连接传统机构与 DeFi 领域的商用流动资金平台

The world has witnessed exponential growth in digital asset adoption over the past few years. With the market capitalization exceeding $2 trillion dollars today vs $500 billion just four months ago. A plethora of options are available to all financial market participants to buy and sell digital assets. Especially with the advent of digital asset […]

ColdStack ($CLS): 去中心化云端储存应用整合平台

The Decentralized Cloud Storage has been becoming a bigger and bigger market. Existing Decentralized Cloud Storage Platforms like Filecoin, SIA, Arewave, and Storj are all in the cloud storage market. Many of which provide users with high security and privacy, low costs and high redundancy. However, there are various challenges that the platforms face which […]

PancakeSwap、Uniswap 交易量创新高:DeFi 市场多链发展?


Ethereum, the most popular blockchain within the DeFi ecosystem, is known for its congestion and high gas fee problem, giving rise to contenders like Binance Smart Chain (BSC). As transactions on BSC are exploding, with PancakeSwap leading the way, is it a sign for the multi-chain future of the DeFi space? According to data from […]