HK’s First Approved Crypto Fund

HK’s first approved crypto fund Arrano Capital, the blockchain segment of Venture Smart Asia Limited announced launching Hong Kong’s first regulated virtual asset fund. The fund uses a traditional structure to provide ‘professional investors’ as defined by the Securities and Futures Ordinance access to Bitcoin and other Cryptos. The SFC issuing this license to manage virtual funds […]

Bullish Signals Before Halving? – Trader Insights 17/04/2020

Bullish signals before halving? BTC to USD stayed range-bound between $6,500~$7,200 over the past week. We saw a lot of choppy trading which is attributable to low open interest. Additionally, this is supported by data showing a sizeable decline in BTC held on exchanges.   The market is still LONG ahead of the halving with […]


TLDR: Bitcoin & Ethereum are slow networks. Sharding can divide the mining capacity into small shards, each capable of processing transactions in parallel. Sharding = Speed! A Solution for Blockchain Scalability The lack of scalability, meaning the blockchain is only capable of processing a few transactions per second, is a major bottleneck for blockchain technology […]

Weekly Trader Insights #02 -3/4/2020

A relatively strong week for BTCUSD as it tests a weekly high @ 7250. Bitcoin is showing signs of decoupling as global markets continue to struggle. While the market is heavily LONG, note that OI (open interest)  is still very low, indicating most are still on the sidelines.   Binance’s acquisition of CoinMarketCap topped the […]

Weekly Trader Insights #01 – 27/3/2020

Crypto saw a slight bounce over the past week along with other asset classes. Markets saw some relief mostly due to an aggressive stimulus package from the US. While nations continue efforts to mitigate the impact from the Corona outbreak.   Bitcoin’s hashrate continues its downtrend in a weaker environment for miners. With mining difficulty […]


Wallets: Public & Private Keys How do Digital Wallets and Cold Storage work? Digital Wallets and Cold Storage are how and where you store the information that states you own cryptocurrency on a given block chain. This is where you can keep your Public and Private Keys. Digital Wallets and Cold Storage are important for your […]


The Bitcoin network consists of many nodes, any computer that connects to the bitcoin network falls under this category. Nodes are important to the peer-to-peer infrastructure Bitcoin is built on. Different nodes serve different functions, the most basic being the process of block confirmation. We can define a ‘full’ node best as any computer with the […]


What is OTC Trading? Over-The-Counter or OTC Trading in the context of Bitcoin and crypto, are private deals for buying or selling crypto. Because these transactions are not conducted on regular exchanges, there is no public order book. This provides increased privacy for both buyers and sellers. The biggest appeal for OTC users is the […]