Genesis Block X SWL

We are excited to announce our newest collaboration with SWL. SWL has long been providing artists with a platform to showcase their passion for art on the streets. Genesis Block combines SWL’s passion for art with the growing love for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in Hong Kong. With this collaboration, we have released a series of […]

Genesis Block is an official Ledger reseller!

Genesis Block is now an official Ledger reseller! We are dedicated to providing our clients and the crypto community with the safest means of securing their funds. Alongside the education that our Crypto Classroom strives to provide, we also want to give people the tools to trade and secure their Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. Even if […]

Digital Week X Genesis Block

In May 2020, Digital Week Online hosted its first successful global gathering attracting 170+ top-level speakers, 60+ professional investors, and 1,500 attendees! During this time of the Digital Week Online, Genesis Block will be participating in the event giving an exclusive talk on DeFi! We are excited to be a part of such an innovative […]

What is Trade Mining?

If you are familiar with the DeFi space you have probably heard about Yield Farming. However, Trade Mining might be a new concept to you. Simply put, “Trade Mining” is as it sounds, you are given the ability to mine tokens via trading. Furthermore the new AMM platform SakeSwap has just announced the launch of […]

WOOTRADE X Genesis Block

Today, we are happy to announce another partnership with WOOTRADE X Genesis Block. WOOTRADE is a disruptor in the rising popular automated market making (AMM) industry. The concept of “market makers” has been generating a lot of awareness with the public. However, there exists a key issue with many of these exchanges, and that is […]


Today, we are excited to introduce to you one of the biggest disruptors in the DeFi revolution. The ever growing need for DeFi platforms has sparked the creation of numerous platforms but many of which create little to no-value to the industry. With strong hopes in bringing value to the DeFi ecosystem, one of our […]

12 Terms All Crypto Lovers Should Know!

12 Terms All Crypto Lovers Should Know! Whether you are a day trader, crypto-enthusiast, or just new to crypto. There are some trading terms that you should familiarize yourself with. Just like texting acronyms, there are also a lot of trading acronyms that you should know. You may know a few of these, but we […]

BTCUSD Hit a New High for 2020!

BTCUSD hit a new high for 2020 @ ~12,400! Didn’t really feel like a bull trap as the correction came ~24 hours after the pump. Open interest sits at ~$5b, a slight downtick after the basis spread tightened. BTC is still within its upwards channels and the trend is clear, but the real alpha is […]

MANTRA DAO X Genesis Block

MANTRA DAO X Genesis Block Today, we are excited to announce a partnership with MANTRA DAO, an exciting new DeFi platform that is governed by the community. With our partnership with MANTRA DAO, we will provide OM users with an ability to offload OM. Our trusted OTC platform and long-term experience in the crypto industry […]

Genesis Block X Alameda Research

Today, Genesis Block is thrilled to announce a partnership with Alameda Research, a leading quantitative trading firm. Alameda was founded back in October of 2017, with renowned expertise from both Wall Street and the Silicon Valley. Alameda Research currently trades billions of dollars in transactions each day and manages over 100 million in digital assets. […]