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What is Bitcoin Halving?

Simply put Bitcoin halving is when mining rewards split in half (by 50%). Because scarcity drives pricing, many see this halving event as the tipping

How To Buy?

Simple and secure, whether you’re buying, selling, storing, or using your bitcoin When you register for an account at Genesis Block you have access to

What Are Nodes? | Bitcoin

The Bitcoin network consists of many nodes, any computer that connects to the bitcoin network is a node. Nodes are important to the peer-to-peer infrastructure Bitcoin is

How is Bitcoin Different From Fiat?

How is Bitcoin different from Fiat? First, let’s talk about what Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is a new form of currency called ‘cryptocurrency’ that is not

What is a database?

At its simplest, we can define a database as a systematic collection of data. Organisations use a database management system (DBMS) to access a database,

Beginner’s guide to Privacy Coins

We can trace back and identify every Bitcoin related to illegal activity. Therefore, some people use a Bitcoin mixer, for example, to make transactions