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What is DAO Maker?

What is DAO Maker? There has always been an issue with retail venture investing in equity and tokens. However, one platform looked to change it

What is FinNexus?

What is FinNexus? In the crypto community, there exists a number of different connectivity needs. These needs include the connectivity between assets and blockchains, between

What is MahaDao?

What is MahaDao? To answer that question, let’s first address the problem. With the growing centralization of power, more and more people are losing their

3 Reasons $YFI is So Relevant

Welcome to another article by the Crypto Classroom, today we’ll be explaining 3 Reasons $YFI is So Relevant. With Bitcoin ($BTC) approaching its historical high,

What is Alpha Homora?

What is Alpha Homora? With the rise of DeFi and Yield Farming over the past summer of 2020, the total transaction volume of DeFi for

What is Kulupu?

What is Kulupu? A democratic project that allows the community to decide on the direction of the project based on an on-chain governance structure. The

What is Keep3r?

On October 28th, a random article on Keep3r Network appeared out of nowhere. The article was written by Andre Cronje, founder of yEarn.Finance ($YFI). Andre

What is Reef Finance?

What is Reef Finance? The Problem What is Reef Finance? Well to start, let’s take a look at the problem their platform solves. With the

What is PersistenceOne?

What is PersistenceOne? One of the biggest concerns that people face today is the increasing financial debt of many countries. A lot of people are

What is UTU?

What is UTU? In Swahili “UTU” means humanity. It’s also the principle behind UTU the company, which puts people first in their platform that turns