Mark Cuban

Billionaire Mark Cuban to Build NFT Art Gallery

Mark Cuban

As the craze for crypto art continues, billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban is building a new online gallery to display NFTs. The platform will allow users to display their digital art and collectibles and share their collection on social media.

Amid the NFT boom, there are several platforms where creators can create and mint their own crypto art into the form of NFTs. However, there isn’t an all-in-one platform for collectors to showcase NFTs. This is where Cuban’s crypto art online gallery comes in the burgeoning market.

The billionaire Shark Tank star told The Block that the new project, dubbed, is effectively an online gallery for artworks. And the website is live, with tens of thousands of users visiting in its initial days of existence.

“People bought NFTs, they created them, they need a lazy way to show them off,” Cuban said. “There really was not an easy way to do it before”

The non-fungible token market has heated up in the last few months, with large brands joining the space.

South Korea’s social gaming app, GameTalkTalk, partners with blockchain platform Enjin to create low-carbon NFTs with a new mechanism.

Sandbox Virtual Land NFT Sale on Wall Street Journal

The new mechanism, known as proof-of-authority (PoA), leverages the value of identities, which means that block validators are not staking coins, but their own reputation instead. Therefore, validating nodes are arbitrarily selected as trustworthy entities, to secure PoA blockchains.

Using PoA can reduce power consumption by as much as 99.98%, compared with other networks such as Ethereum.

On the other hand, the virtual land NFT sale in The Sandbox is covered on the major American financial newspaper The Wall Street Journal. 

Decentralized gaming virtual world The Sandbox is owned by Hong Kong-based blockchain gaming publisher Animoca Brands.

In the coverage, headlined “NFTs Are Spurring a Digital Land Grab—in Videogame Worlds”, WSJ highlights that a growing number of investors and gamers are buying millions of dollars worth of land that exists only in video games.

“Last month, virtual world The Sandbox sold about $2.8 million worth of land in a pair of well-received sales that now have the company valuing its digital properties at about $37 million,” WSJ reported.

The report ends with a positive quote from Eric Schiermeyer, CEO of blockchain game Mirandus’ creator Gala Games.  

“I see a really interesting opportunity to provide a meaningful income for people around the world to tap into the games market,” said Schiermeyer, who is also  a co-founder of Zynga.